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    Types Of People You See At A Dog Park

    Types Of People You See At A Dog Park

    If you want to walk your dog, the best place to visit is the dog park.

    These types of parks consist of open spaces and they are also characterized by refreshing environments. Many people also visit dog parks to satisfy different needs. As such, you should expect to see different types of people at the dog park.

    The Older Generation

    When strolling in a dog park, you are likely to come across an elderly gentleman or lady walking their dog, which is also elderly in most cases. The dog is not very active and it does not run around in the park-like what other young puppies normally do. The elderly dogs seem not to enjoy mixing with other dogs in the park since they stick closer to the owner who apparently is the best companion. The two always walk side by side.

    Children Playing With Their Dogs

    Most children love pets and chances are very high that you will meet them in the dog park. In most cases, the children will be playing with their dogs and running around the whole place freely. Most kids often visit the park in the company of their parents, who can also take part in the fun. The parents can also relax and leave the children to enjoy the wonderful experience of playing with dogs.

    The Poop Police

    Dog parks are public spaces that are used by people to enjoy a refreshing environment in the company of their lovely dogs. As such, the park should always be maintained in a clean state so that every visitor can enjoy the beautiful environment. The police officer manning the dog park comes in handy as they keep a close eye on any pooping dog such that they can quickly identify and approach the owner if no action is taken. Some people may be reckless and ignore the poop as if nothing has happened.

    Major dog parks strive to maintain high standards and a clean environment that is safe for the dogs and their owners. For instance, a visit to Maevworld shows that a clean environment is the envy of many people. The visitors are compelled to leave the place clean as they would have found it. As such, you should expect to meet police officers whose job is to ensure that the park is always clean.

    A clean environment is good for you and your pets since it helps to prevent the spread of diseases. Everyone has a responsibility to ensure that they maintain a clean environment in dog parks which are frequented by many people. Therefore, you should cooperate with the caretakers of the place.

    The Chatterbox Type of People

    Some people are gifted when it comes to talking about different subjects related to dogs. When you meet individuals and they start talking to you, then you can expect the conversation to go on until the time you leave the park. It is not surprising that before you leave the park, you will know almost every personal detail about such types of people.

    For instance, they can tell you everything about their dogs ranging from their names, age, different types of pets they have owned, where they stay and their occupation among other things. It is difficult to ignore such people since they would also be looking for a company in the park apart from walking their dogs.

    The people who talk a lot also claim to know everything about dogs. The moment you pay attention to individuals who belong to this group, then you are bound to get various details about elements such as training, accessories and many other things about dogs. These people can give you free knowledge about dogs. You can gain free knowledge from such people.

    The Anti-social Guy

    In contrast to the chatterbox kind of people, there are also people who are completely antisocial that you can see in the park. The people who belong to this category do not talk to anyone and they seem to mind their own business together with their pet friends. Such people are usually not humorous and they don’t seem to enjoy fancy lifestyles. While in the dog park, they keep to themselves and display some sort of anti-social attitude that can keep other people away.

    The Protective Dog Owner

    When you go to a dog park, you are also likely to encounter people who are overly protective of their dogs. Such people are always keeping an eye on their dogs and they closely follow behind every time. The people who are always behind their dogs do not enjoy seeing them mixing with other dogs. For instance, they freak when they see their dog being mounted. They often express anger by trying to quiz the owners of the dogs playing games with their dogs

    The Unprepared Dog Owner

    These are people who just take their dogs out to the park without carrying poop bags or even water. When their dog relieves himself in the park, the owners may ignore in some instances if they are convinced that no one would be watching them. People who belong to this category are often seen apologizing to the other protective dog owners in the park. This usually happens when their dogs encroach on things like water that belong to other people who are also enjoying the company of their pets.

    The Technology Savvy Guy

    Some people are inseparable from their cellphones when they are in the dog park. These people view the park as an alternative place they can visit to conduct other business using their mobile phones. They leave their dogs to roam the park while they concentrate on their devices freely.

    A dog park is not only for walking your canine since it also offers a refreshing environment to different visitors. As such, you should expect to meet different types of people when you visit any dog park. Therefore, it is a good idea to mind your own business unless you meet people who are interested in interacting with others.

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