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    What Can You Do If You Get Hurt By Falling While Working

    What Can You Do If You Get Hurt By Falling While Working

    Falling over at work and injuring yourself, depending on the nature of your work, can be very dangerous.

    If you work on a construction site, a fall could lead to serious, life-changing injuries. If you work in an office, it may result in you spraining or breaking an ankle. Falling over at work is very common, and in most cases, is the fault of the person who has fallen. If, however, you have fallen over at work and it was not your fault, then you may be entitled to compensation.

    This guide will tell you what you can do if you are hurt falling over while working, and it was not your fault. Knowing what to do in this situation will ensure you are treated fairly and properly. Let’s find out, shall we?

    First Things First

    The first thing you will want to do after being hurt falling at work goes without saying: you should first contact an ambulance or doctor, as well as document your injuries. It is important to do that so that if they heal, you can still claim compensation.

    You should see a doctor for obvious reasons. If you fall over at work, especially from a height, you could be seriously injured – even if the injuries are not immediately apparent. Seeing a doctor is crucial so that you can receive proper medical care and have your injuries addressed. Injuries sustained from a fall may materialize later on, so it’s important to rule this out by seeing a medical professional.

    Was It On purpose?

    Secondly, you need to establish whether you fell as a result of somebody intentionally trying to hurt you. This, unfortunately, can happen anywhere, even at work. It just happens that at work, it can be far more dangerous.

    If somebody has intentionally caused you to fall over and injure yourself, then your second point-of-call should be to the police. This is serious assault, and whether or not it was a ‘joke,’ it must be dealt with by law enforcement. There is no excuse for this behavior occurring inside your workplace.


    It is important that, thirdly, after your injury has been sustained, you notify the owner of the property or your employer that you have fallen. If you do not notify them, it may throw out any possibility of potential compensation or justice being awarded to you later down the line.

    Notifying the owner of the property is very simple, and you need only tell them that you have fallen over. If it is an employer, you may have to tell them you will not be coming into work for the time being. Usually, this should not be a problem.

    Contact An Attorney

    Fourthly, and perhaps most importantly, you should contact an attorney. In cases of injuries having occurred at work, an attorney will be able to establish whether you or your employer were liable. Workplace injuries must not be taken lightly, and according to the legal specialists at DSS Law, they can cause serious injury, and because of this, you must receive compensation and justice.

    An attorney will contact your employer and notify them you are going to be taking them to court, which may then result in them offering you an out-of-court settlement—which can sometimes be massive.

    Physical Therapy

    If you have fallen from a height, you may find yourself unable to walk properly or move around the way that you have all of your life. It is important that you seek physical therapy so you will be able to recover and go back to the person that you once were.

    Physiotherapy is a great way to reduce the negative side-effects of an injury, and a great way for you to regain control of your body. You can sign up for therapy classes at your local hospital or doctor’s surgery — and you may be able to get referred to one by your doctor.


    Recovering from an injury can take time. You must not rush yourself, nor force yourself back into work. You will be entitled to certain benefits from the government and state, as well as from your workplace, in addition to potential compensation. Recover in your own time.

    With this article, you now know what to do if you are hurt at work. Follow this guide to the very letter. Workplace injuries are serious, but they are not the end of the world, and you may come out much better off than you went in.

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