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    7 Best Holiday Sets For Lips, Face, and Body

    7 Best Holiday Sets For Lips, Face, and Body

    The festive season is all about browsing the web for the best holiday deals in search of gifts that will suit the various people on your nice list this year.

    Fortunately, all the best brands bring out holiday collections every year, which you can tailor to suit your budget and product needs. There is no point in purchasing a set that only contains one out of five products the recipient will actually use, so we have done the hard work for you and compiled a list of only the best sets for all your lips, face, and body needs.


    Fresh Color & Care Lip Collection – $43.00

    Beautifully designed in a cheery red box — the color of Christmas — this set contains five lip treatments to rehydrate and add color to your lips. Produced with advanced sugar therapy in mind, you can expect the full benefits of conditioned and softened lips all winter long. This is our favorite of all the holiday gift sets on this list, which makes it sit at the top of our list.

    What we like best: A wide selection of colors and scents.

    NYX 12 Days of Kissmass – $50.00

    This 12-door advent calendar features 12 mini-sized best-selling products, including five colored butter glosses, one clear butter gloss, four smooth whipped lip creams, and two shout-loud lipsticks.

    This would be a perfect gift for a lipstick-loving teen, adult, or anyone who loves NYX as a brand, as it’s likely they will not own this set already with it being seasonal. The great thing about this set is that the colors are neutral and wearable, so even if the person receiving this does already own a few of the items, they can easily pass them on to a friend or relative.

    What we like best: A variation in lip products and formulas to try.


    MAC Merry Must Haves – $59.00

    Containing a total value of $149, this is a holiday-exclusive set that offers a great variety of products for each makeup requirement for the lips, cheeks, and eyes.

    The simplicity of this collection will appeal to anyone who already has a minimalist makeup routine or does not already own high-end makeup products. MAC is known for being a little bit of a “luxury” when comparing its quality and prices to drug-store brands, which is why this merry box would put a smile on anyone’s face.

    What we like best: It’s great value for money.

    Revolution Supermodel Glow Set – $45.50

    Containing fifteen individual treats for your entire face, this pink package of goodies will surely excite anyone looking to be picture-ready this season. Anyone who loves glamour and variety within their makeup collection will surely adore and appreciate this gift containing three pallets for the cheeks and eyes, false eyelashes, makeup brushes, lip gloss eyeliner, and plenty more.

    What we like best: There’s something for everyone in this one set.


    Fresh Milk Bodycare Set – $75.00

    No Christmas is complete without receiving a body-care set of some kind, and it’s safe to say that body-care enthusiasts will love this unique collection in particular. Designed around one ingredient — milk — this gorgeous three-product set is extra gentle on the skin as each item is packed with nourishing vitamins and various plant-based milks: Centella, rice, and linseed.

    The recipient will get a body cleanser, body lotion, and nourishing hand cream — all products that will be used rather than left in the box unopened for months.

    What we like: Its soft, subtle scent.

    Philosophy Snow Angel Shower Gel & Body Lotion Set – $35.00

    If you know someone who loves sweet scents, this shower gel and body lotion set will be well received on Christmas morning.

    The set contains two products, the first being an all-in-one shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath and the second being a body lotion — all of which are “snow angel” scented, which avid users of the products have described to carry fruity and floral notes.

    Unfortunately, you can only purchase this collection during the festive season, which means the person who receives this gift will probably only use it for special occasions to make it last until next year!

    What we like: Convenient, multi-purpose products that smell delicious.

    Hopefully, this list of our top holiday sets has helped you with your purchase decisions this year. Conveniently, all of these items are currently available to purchase online.

    Have a merry Christmas!

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