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    Legally Blissed® Focuses on Transforming Female Attorneys into Self Advocates

    Legally Blissed® Focuses on Transforming Female Attorneys into Self Advocates

    Suzi Hixon establishes a community for female attorneys to combat the unique challenges that they face so that they can excel and thrive.

    Suzi Hixon, esq., the CEO and founder of Legally Blissed®, has nearly 20 years of experience as a practicing trademark attorney. She created the community to support female attorneys on their journey as they challenge what they have been taught about how they are supposed to show up as female attorneys. Through the community, Hixon encourages its members to challenge deeply-ingrained beliefs so they can become better self-advocates and step into their own power.

    Mental health concerns such as burnout and stress prompt 25 percent of women to leave the legal profession, and Legally Blissed® aims to combat these problems that women in law are facing. Research shows that women are also more likely than men to over-commit, have work-family conflicts, and are less likely to think that they will be promoted. Hixon’s community equips female attorneys with the mentoring and community support to overcome these statistics and inspires women to pursue healthy habits that will encourage personal growth by identifying their true values, setting boundaries, and developing a roadmap with the support of other women.

    Hixon shares,

    “As an attorney, I’ve always asked a lot of questions. I’m naturally inquisitive, and I think the quality of your life experience depends on the quality of the questions you ask about the world, the people around you, and about yourself.”

    Hixon continues,

    “My goal is to teach the women in the Legally Blissed Community to learn to ask their own questions about everything they’ve been taught and challenge old stories. Doing so will allow them to live their lives decisively and creatively.”

    In 2021, Hixon created the Legally Blissed® Conversations podcast, which provides a platform for female attorneys to tell their personal and professional growth stories and to inspire others.

    Her development of the Legally Blissed® Community has been dedicated to entrepreneurial female attorneys who seek connection, support, and personal and professional growth.

    Legally Blissed® is a private, mentor-led community transforming female attorneys into self-advocates. Membership eligibility is via invitation or application only. Through unique collaborative opportunities, high-level masterminds, guest experts, and access to the proprietary Legally Blissed®   Trifecta framework, the community serves to deprogram what female attorneys have been taught about how to show up as female attorneys, define on their own terms what is possible, embrace their own power, and ask for (and get) what they want in life and law.

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