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    5 Best Women’s Fragrance Collections To Match Your Personal Style

    5 Best Women’s Fragrance Collections To Match Your Personal Style

    In fashion, one of the most underrated aspects is fragrances, and they can either improve your outfit or make it seem more downplayed in person.

    Every unique scent has the ability to elicit responses because fragrances travel directly to the brain. For women, there’s always a multitude of fragrances to choose from and many ways to pair more than one scent together.

    In this article, we’re going to highlight the best fragrances to use to give the exact impression you want for your outfit:

    How to Select Fragrances to Match Your Personal Style

    Every fragrance elicits a different psychological response. Some scents make you give off a more feminine vibe, while others may create more serious undertones. When you’re deciding which scent to use, it’s best to know what each one does to make better suggestions. So, here are our top 5 fragrance selections using the Memo Paris female perfumes collection  to match your choices:


    Although woody scents are commonly associated with men, they are sometimes used by women in situations where a certain amount of masculine energy is required. For example, in professional settings during important meetings, boardroom activities, or while doing an important presentation. They give off an air of sophistication and seriousness that doesn’t allow for distraction in situations where it won’t be tolerated.


    On the other hand, floral scents are amazing because they are capable of eliciting excitement. Depending on the plant they are made from, certain floral scents also evoke feelings of happiness and can make people feel calm and relaxed. They’re great for use in multiple situations, but it’s important to know what the scent of individual flowers can do before picking the scents to use.


    Scents made from zesty fragrances like citrus offer a fun and invigorating feeling. Just like their floral counterparts, Fruity scents tend to elicit strong emotions that tend towards fun and excitement rather than serious situations. They’re great for romantic outdoor dates because they’re usually strong and long-lasting. However, you can pair them in small quantities with mild floral scents to get heightened results with vibrant outfits.


    If you’re looking to leave a lasting impression, then Oriental perfumes are the best way to go. They tend to give off the vibe of indulgence and so, they’re great when you want your style to come off as lazy, mysterious or just someone worth remembering without being too loud. Some Oriental fragrances can even be used to elicit feelings that remind you of home or Christmas (check out fragrances like frankincense).


    If you’re looking for scents that can be matched with color, then fresh scents are your best bet. Not only do they give an air of cleanliness and nature, they are also great for pairing with particular colors. Aqua fragrances work well with dominantly blue and green attires, while some citrus scents go with lemon green and brown. Fresh scents are quite volatile, but, this makes them pretty fun to choose from and even better to combine with many different fragrances like floral or Fruity scents to get even better results.

    You can always mix two scents to get the results you want. For starters, a combo of Fruity and Floral scents is great for a feminine outdoor date, while Woody and Oriental scents are more befitting for indoor activities. Try experimenting with different scents to find out the results that fit you best.

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