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    5 Of The Most Iconic Gucci Products That You Need To Know About

    5 Of The Most Iconic Gucci Products That You Need To Know About

    Amidst all the popular brands of the world, Gucci has once again managed to take the number spot in 2019 for being the most popular luxury designer brand in the world.

    From Gucci shoes and bags, to jackets, watches and perfumes, there is just so much quality and chic in every product that comes out of the brand.

    Today, we are going to take a brief look at some of those iconic products released by Gucci that represent the brand at its best.

    Gucci Wool Wrap Coats

    Gucci wool wrap coats are a thing of beauty, made with not just wool, but also alpaca fleece to add that extra sense of softness, warmth and comfort. They come in a variety of colors, but the fuchsia and the beige steal the show for sure.

    Gucci Sylvie Purse

    The Sylvie was designed by Alessandra Miceli, and true to his words, it turned out to be a timeless piece of art, even among Gucci’s selection of the best. The Sylvie in its black leather and gold chain looks and feels just as premium as its price tag suggests it should.

    Gucci New Ace Series

    Out of a long selection of Gucci shoes, the New Ace series of sneakers deserve special mention here, on account of the fact that they have added a well-loved design update on the classic Gucci sneakers. While there are other more practical variants available, it’s the White Crystals New Ace that is the crown jewel of the series.

    You can find all of the Gucci shoes in their New Ace series on sites like SSENSE, and choose the one that suits your lifestyle and Fashion the best. SSENSE being a premier, international brand themselves, exclusively deals in designer luxury products, so it is very likely that you may find a number of other items on this list over there as well!

    Gucci Sequin Dress

    Most of us have seen this only back in 2017, when Beyoncé wore a gold and silk dress made with the finest of both the metal and the fabric. The availability and the cost of the Gucci Sequin dress will vary, but without a shadow of doubt, it has made its place in the history of fashion as one of the most iconic premium dresses of all time.

    Gucci Stuart Hughes Belt

    When a belt costs about $249,000, you know it has to have a special place on this list of special Gucci products throughout the years.

    The GG belt designed by Stuart Hughes has a number of 30-carat diamonds embedded in the buckle, each of which would cost a small fortune on their own. It’s the most expensive belt ever made, as well as the most expensive product ever sold by Gucci.

    With brands such as Gucci or Hermes, every product they release is essentially a high-quality one, so it’s particularly difficult to pick favorites. Nevertheless, the items mentioned on this list are each unique in their own segment. 

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