Exclusive Data? US Shoppers Don’t Trust Retailers To Bring Them Back Safely

    In order to assess how consumers feel about returning to brick-and-mortar locations across the U.S., MySizeID, a retail measurement technology company, surveyed over 1,500 consumers to gauge their willingness to shop in-store.

    Results found that while Americans are dying to return, consumer trust in brands will be weighed by tech-driven store solutions – and department stores may be too risky to enter.

    Additional highlights include:

    • Battle of the sexes: Females are more hesitant to return in-store than males
      • 28% of females would wait 2 weeks to enter physical store locations
      • 36% of males would return immediately
    • Battle of the ages: Safety measures greatly differ by age group
      • Majority of Gen Z respondents would prefer to be able to book a private fitting room
      • Majority of Millennials would prefer that retailers require contactless payments
      • Majority of Baby Boomers would like retailers to hold returned merchandise for 48 hours
    • Battle of the fit: Retail has a sizing problem and closing fitting rooms isn’t the answer
      • 56% of respondents agreed the most impacted aspect of the retail experience will be getting to try on items before purchasing
      • 61% of consumers do not trust that their clothing will fit without physically trying it on


    For more information check out MySizeID.

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      Exclusive Data? US S…

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