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    Exclusive Data? US Shoppers Don’t Trust Retailers To Bring Them Back Safely

    Exclusive Data? US Shoppers Don’t Trust Retailers To Bring Them Back Safely

    In order to assess how consumers feel about returning to brick-and-mortar locations across the U.S., MySizeID, a retail measurement technology company, surveyed over 1,500 consumers to gauge their willingness to shop in-store.

    Results found that while Americans are dying to return, consumer trust in brands will be weighed by tech-driven store solutions – and department stores may be too risky to enter.

    Additional highlights include:

    • Battle of the sexes: Females are more hesitant to return in-store than males
      • 28% of females would wait 2 weeks to enter physical store locations
      • 36% of males would return immediately
    • Battle of the ages: Safety measures greatly differ by age group
      • Majority of Gen Z respondents would prefer to be able to book a private fitting room
      • Majority of Millennials would prefer that retailers require contactless payments
      • Majority of Baby Boomers would like retailers to hold returned merchandise for 48 hours
    • Battle of the fit: Retail has a sizing problem and closing fitting rooms isn’t the answer
      • 56% of respondents agreed the most impacted aspect of the retail experience will be getting to try on items before purchasing
      • 61% of consumers do not trust that their clothing will fit without physically trying it on


    For more information check out MySizeID.

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    Exclusive Data? US S…

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