Retail Boost Comes AFTER Holiday Weekends, According to Zenreach Data Experts

The unofficial end of Summer, Labor Day, is now behind us.

To get a better understanding of how consumers have been behaving during holiday weekends during the pandemic, Zenreach, the walk-through marketing company that tracks in-store foot traffic through wi-fi hotspots, took a closer look at patterns before, during, and after holiday weekends, as well as how they compared to 2019 data.

In analyzing the average retail walk-ins for Labor Day, Independence Day, and Memorial Day, two interesting holiday weekend trends emerged:

  1. During all three holidays, the average daily walk-ins increased the weekend after — 11.6% after Memorial Day, 10% increase after Independence Day, and a 0.2% increase after Labor Day.
  2. For most holiday weekends, the first day of the weekend, Saturday, is actually the highest traffic day.

As one visual example, here’s a closer look at Memorial Day’s 2019 vs. 2020 traffic:

As retailers and restaurant owners continue to look for new strategies to boost sales, these two insights could prove extremely beneficial come holiday planning.

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    Retail Boost Comes A…

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