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    El Nido: Philippine Cuisine In Mallorca

    El Nido: Philippine Cuisine In Mallorca

    El Nido is a new restaurant and lounge in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

    This amazing chill restaurant opened in November and it’s the first big proposal of philippine cuisine on the island of Mallorca.

    Marianne Bueno and her sister Michelle are the owners. Due to COVID-19 Marianne lost her job as a manager in essential to the restaurant in Mallorca, the casino restaurant. She realizes that the only one way to grow was create her own business. So this is not only a lifestyle post, this is about the power of 2 women in a difficult situation who become brave for making her own solution: El Nido

    El Nido’s chef is Marianne and Michelle father, born in philippines and with lot of experience in oriental and mediterranean food, he is prepared to make best meals in town mixing Spanish and Philippine food. Is the most important challenge of their lifes: in one month they transform a pizzeria into a asiatic restaurant, create the menu, prepare the lounge and the mood of the restaurant, etc.

    As a photographer I tried to show all the details of the lounge, wood, bamboo and chill art deco. The aura is awesome and relaxing, a modern tropical style of decoration will match with the incredible meals of the menu.

    If you travel to Mallorca, the most beautiful island in Spain, you will enjoy a nice experience in El Nido.

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    El Nido: Philippine …

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