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    Fl Of Lf Manifesto

    Fl Of Lf Manifesto

    The “FL OF LF” by Emel Karakozak makes a reference to reality and is a recreation of reality with the existence of illusion.

    In accordance with the visual quality of the universe, when its geometric structure, form, rhythm, color, and massic kinesis reduced to body, it reorganizes the senses and attributes meaning to phenomena.  The indefinite combination of the information received is the misconception of the colors, the physical dimensions, the continuity of the rhythm.

    Phenomena form a new vibration by increasing the surface tension and stand across the reality thereby creating different circumstances in the moment. Time and space are non-existent in its own orbit. Phenomena expose the opposition between the moment and the valuation of the moment; and the opposition between becoming one and becoming a unity. Phenomena were turned into be a part of the whole with the facts of perception, light and motion.

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    Fl Of Lf Manifesto

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