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    Meet Elektra B. Yao: An Award-Winning Artist Visa and Entertainment Lawyer Based In NYC

    Meet Elektra B. Yao: An Award-Winning Artist Visa and Entertainment Lawyer Based In NYC

    Elektra B. Yao, Esq. is the founder and principal attorney at Yao Law Group law firm dedicated to international and domestic artists.

    Elektra earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts from Marymount Manhattan College in NYC, one of the top art schools in the nation. During college, she worked for MTV, the Style Network, and other distinguished production companies in the Film and TV industry.

    Elektra is a very active attorney and is a member of The American Immigration Lawyers Association, Black Entertainment, and Sports Lawyer Association, and The New York City Bar Association, where is she is a member of several committees. Elektra has successfully represented record labels, modeling agencies, production companies, individual artists, and creatives.

    As a multicultural attorney, with immigrant parents from Italy and Cote D’Ivoire, Elektra is fully fluent in French, Italian, and Spanish. She has lived, studied, and worked internationally in the US, the EU, and Africa. Not only does she understand the language her clients speak, she understands the cultural and artistic landscape of where they come from.

    Elektra’s mission is to serve artists and creative professionals by helping them secure artists’ visas, cement their brands, and monetize their artistry.

    We interviewed with Elektra about her upbringing, plans for the future, and ways to get ahead as an entrepreneur.

    Where do you consider home?

    My home in NYC and Napoli in Italy. NYC because I grew up here and it’s the most exciting city in the world. Napoli because I’m half Italian and my husband is Italian and we lived in Italy together for many years.

    What was the inspiration for the development of Yao Law Group?

    I wanted to become an entrepreneur and deliver excellent legal services based on my unique strategies.

    How much do entertainment professionals benefit from an experienced lawyer?

    An experienced attorney knows how to fight for you, knows how to close deals, and provides the legal structures for long term success.

    Social media is the widest used method of information sharing and communication, do you think that this will change or only evolve?

    We are in a constant flux of evolution with social media. Social Media is JUST now being utilized by lawyers. We are still learning how to communicate effectively with clients and potential clients.

    How do you prefer receiving feedback?

    I prefer honesty. Business is business. There are no hard feelings in business. Give it to me straight.

    What was one thing you did that exceeded your expectations when you began developing your business?

    I networked like crazy when I was pregnant with my daughter. I went to art openings every night. The hustle was real. But I’m a NYer. I’m a naturalbornhuslter.

    What does success mean to you?

    Making an impact on my clients, my staff, and being with my family. Not being controlled by work and working smarter.

    What are your rules for success?

    Discipline, dedication, determination, and the Hustle. Never. Give. Up.

    The Fox Magazine is all about inspiration, what/who inspires you the most?

    Greatness inspires me. I want to be one of the greats. I admire accomplishments from women, minorities, my staff, from everyone. I admire those who are dedicated to becoming the best version of themselves.

    What’s something people would be surprised to learn about you?

    I learned to drive at 27.

    What is your favorite or original innovation-related motto, quote, or words to live by?

    Dedication to legal excellence. Perfection doesn’t exist. But excellency we create, foster, and deliver.

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