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    Rules 4 Rebels

    Rules 4 Rebels

    A warrior inside you is waiting to be seen, looking forward to a perfect moment for awakening.

    Unseen in the crowd, misunderstood by the others, fighting her faith through the walls of indifference. A warrior inside you is screaming out loud, desperately breaking the rules and building a new future with her own hands. She is strong, she has a point of view, she is keen to be seen.

    And what about you?

    Photographer / Retoucher: Eugenia Kuznetsova | IG: @jennie_kuznetsova

    Model: Sasha Novikova | IG: @shurkachoo

    Wardrobe Stylist: Anush Chidilyan | IG: @anush_chili

    MUAH: Anastasia Gura | IG: @thewhynotgirl

    Location: Wood Studios | IG: @wood_studios

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    Rules 4 Rebels

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