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    Why Now Is The Time To Start Growing Hemp

    Why Now Is The Time To Start Growing Hemp

    In the years following the 2018 agriculture bill legalizing the farming of hemp, hemp, and CBD (the non-psychoactive part of the hemp plant) products have ballooned in popularity.

    In addition to this, with research indicating the positive impact hemp farming could have on the environment, now is the time to start growing hemp.

    Hemp could be used for medicinal purposes

    In 2018, the FDA approved the epilepsy medication Epidiolex, the first-ever CBD based medication to be FDA approved. In the future, CBD could be used to treat and manage a variety of other conditions. To maximize the medicinal potential of the crop, farmers should buy high CBD seeds

    Amongst other conditions, CBD could be used to reduce pain in patients requiring regular pain relief, such as those suffering from arthritis and cancer; to treat anxiety and depression; to treat neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis. This potential effectiveness in alleviating such a variety of conditions and illnesses could be put down to CBD’s ability to interact with and alter how the brain’s receptors respond to stimuli such as pain and anxiety.

    A considerable benefit CBD could have for medical treatment is that it is non-addictive. Its effectiveness as a pain reliever is similar to that of opiate-based medications such as codeine but without the habit-forming potential associated with those medications. Likewise, in the treatment of anxiety and depression, CBD offers a potential non-addictive alternative to medications like benzodiazepines. The non-addictive nature of CBD makes it an attractive alternative for people requiring and reliable pain relief regularly, and medication to manage anxiety and depression. However, as CBD has not yet been approved by the FDA for these conditions, it is essential to listen to medical advice and remember that these are potential but unproven benefits of CBD.

    Hemp farming is good for the planet

    Growing evidence suggests that hemp farming on an industrial scale could be hugely beneficial to the environment, providing a sustainable crop and ridding the environment of harmful pollution.

    Hemp is an efficient bioremediatory. It removes harmful carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, consuming four times as much carbon dioxide as trees. It is a soil remediator, removing harmful heavy metals from the soil and ensuring that it is clean for future farming. Hemp’s soil cleaning properties, known as phytoremediation, have already been harnessed. In the years since the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster, fields of hemp have been planted around the site to remove radioactive strontium and cesium from the contaminated earth.

    Hemp’s phytoremediation properties make it an excellent addition to crop rotation. It is a hardy plant that can thrive without pesticides and needs very little water. As well as cleaning the soil of harmful pesticides required for other crops, its pulp is highly nutritious, re-introducing nutrients to the soil. In this way, hemp farming can be used to reinvigorate fields in rotation farming, ensuring a large, healthy yield of other crops, while also being a sustainable crop in itself that reduces harmful pollutants from the environment.

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