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    2021’s Best Cities For BBQ Fans

    2021’s Best Cities For BBQ Fans

    Smoked, sauced, grilled — we love our barbecue. But which are 2021’s Best BBQ Cities in America?

    LawnStarter compared 199 of the biggest U.S. cities based on 14 key markers of a true barbecue city for serious fans.

    Among the factors we looked at: the number of national award-winning BBQ restaurants and chefs; whether the city has hosted at least one “master-level” competition blessed by KCBS; the number of barbecue festivals; and, of course, fan ratings.

    See the 10 barbecue scenes that smoked the competition (or came under friendly fire) below, followed by some highlights and lowlights from our report.

    2021’s Best Cities for BBQ Fans

    Rank City
    1 Kansas City, MO
    2 Chicago, IL
    3 Houston, TX
    4 Cincinnati, OH
    5 Memphis, TN
    6 Louisville, KY
    7 St. Louis, MO
    8 New York, NY
    9 Minneapolis, MN
    10 Overland Park, KS

    2021’s Worst Cities for BBQ Fans

    Rank City
    190 Lakewood, CO
    191 Vancouver, WA
    192 Rockford, IL
    193 El Paso, TX
    194 Garland, TX
    195 Anchorage, AK
    196 Columbus, GA
    197 Amarillo, TX
    198 Akron, OH
    199 Aurora, IL

    Highlights and Lowlights:

    • Kansas City: The BBQ Capital of America: Sorry, Memphis. Kansas City tops our list of the Best BBQ Cities. With far more winners in the World Series of Barbecue contests and the second-highest number of national excellence awards, the Heart of America is a powerhouse for quality brisket and burnt ends.

      But every leader has an Achilles heel and KC’s ironically is access to BBQ restaurants, finishing at No. 108. Fortunately, iconic names — Gates, Jack Stack, Joe’s KC, and Arthur Bryant — more than make up for the lack of BBQ spots. Quality over quantity appears to be this city’s barbecue philosophy.

    • Mouthwatering Midwest: Beyond Kansas City, seven more Midwestern cities place in our top 10. Clearly, the Midwest is best for premier steaks, strips, and stacks.

      Chicago comes in second by jointly claiming the top spot in the Events category (an honor it shares with No. 5 Memphis, another iconic barbecue city). Seventh-place St. Louis holds the second-highest score in the Quality category, followed closely by Minneapolis, which lands in ninth. Cincinnati is No. 4.

      If you’re looking for a foodie vacation, fly to the Midwest and start eating your way across the region. (Barbecue road trips are a real thing. Make sure to bring plenty of Wet-Naps.)

    • Nibbling in North Carolina: North Carolina makes a mediocre showing despite making up one of the four pillars of American barbecue styles — KC, Memphis, Texas, and Carolina. Raleigh finishes at No. 20, but other Tar Heel cities land farther down the list. (South Carolina has its own related but distinct style, but none of its cities was large enough to be measured in our ranking.)Why didn’t North Carolina’s signature sauce rank higher? Maybe it’s because North Carolina ’cue culture is spread out in the state rather than concentrated in one area like Kansas City or Memphis. (Texas, too, was a mixed bag in our ranking.)North Carolina, while not the best ranked, is still a destination for those who prefer a hint of tang and a kick of vinegar. (Just don’t get caught up in the East vs. West debate.)

    Our full ranking and analysis can be found here:

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