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    Enjoying Drinks Responsibly Over The Holidays

    Enjoying Drinks Responsibly Over The Holidays

    Enjoying drinks responsibly over the season’s holidays ensures you have the best time you can.

    You will limit embarrassment. Stay safe and remember it. Here are a few quick tips.

    Try to Limit Your Alcohol Intake

    Of course, it’s difficult to not appreciate a nice cocktail (here’s a quick and tasty Aperol spritz recipe at But you must develop and follow a plan. Determine how many beverages you intend to have after considering how long you will be somewhere. Limit your alcohol consumption to one drink per hour and avoid binge drinking. Make a commitment to drinking soft drinks (such as Coke or juice) to stay hydrated in between alcoholic ones.

    Make Plans for Getting Home Safely

    Decide beforehand who will be a designated driver if you hang out at a neighborhood bar or a friend’s residence. Driving after drinking is one of the riskiest activities you can engage in. And over the holidays, it increases. Make absolutely sure everyone is safe if you are the host at home by inviting them to stay the night to prevent drunk driving. Providing an Uber or cab number, or requesting their car keys will also help. And you may save someone’s life. Apart from this, you should also make plans for the next day because let’s face it, hangovers are a real thing. You can avoid the headache and nausea by taking some precautions beforehand. People are often using hangover patches that ensure your body is replenished with vitamins and nutrients while you sleep, preventing a hangover the next morning. This way, you can still enjoy a night out without worrying about feeling terrible the next day.

    Learn to Say No

    After a night out, you can prevent waking up to unflattering photos or risky texts you sent while you were drunk. Just learn how to say “no” to that additional drink. It’s tough. But you can learn how to do it. You are strong enough to resist peer pressure. And you don’t need to drink to have a good time. So you don’t have to worry, plan ways to resist, and commit to your goals. Make sure you know what to do if someone tries to get you to drink more when you’ve had enough.

    Drink Responsibly by Knowing Your Limit

    Going over your limit is possible when you drink. And this results in a variety of occurrences, including fighting and self-embarrassment. First, learn how too much alcohol is really in the beverage you enjoy to stay within your limit. For example, wine has a higher alcohol content than beer. Then you can keep track of your drinks and avoid overindulging. Certain glasses and cups have display lines that serve as a guide for how much alcohol to pour into each one.

    Have Some Food

    It’s easy to get carried away with all the seasonal fun. But make sure to eat before and during the party. During the holidays, most people go out of their way to make great food, so enjoy it. When you eat, alcohol takes longer to get into your system. If you’re worried about calories, you shouldn’t skip meals and spend the calories on drinks. If you treat your body the way it deserves to be treated, you’ll feel normal and okay when you wake up the next morning.


    Enjoying drinks responsibly over the holidays ensures you don’t waste your time and will stay safe. Limit your alcohol intake, know your limit and learn to say no to avoid dangerous incidents.

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