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    Arlene Zelina Releases New Track ‘Dream Of Me.’

    Arlene Zelina Releases New Track ‘Dream Of Me.’

    Australian singer/songwriter and famed YouTube sensation Arlene Zelina and her new single, “Dream Of Me,” as premiered on LADYGUNN.

    The track is a new direction for Zelina. She has not abandoned her blend of pop, hip hop, and R&B, but her matured sound dabbles in urban pop with soulful undertones.

    Zelina has gained an extensive following with her flawless vocals in her viral Youtube covers. After uploading her first video, her career skyrocketed. Her cover of Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger” has racked up 14 million views, and that number is still growing. She has over 230,000 followers across all her social media platforms and has captured the attention of several international celebrities including Ryan Seacrest, Jason Derulo, and Ellen DeGeneres. Additionally, she has been featured on by Ellen DeGeneres, on, and as a spotlight artist on Zelina was previously signed to Future History, Jason Derulo’s record label. She continues to work with award-winning producers and musicians who have worked with pop icons including Selena Gomez, John Legend, Mary J Blige, Fifth Harmony, and more.

    A career not limited to her online presence, her accomplishments include performances at many of the most prestigious events in the industry: Google’s Big Tent event, Youtube Launches, and live performances of her original songs at venues worldwide. She has also made appearances on several television shows including Australia’s hit TV talk show, “The Morning Show.” She was recently flown to Austria for the Eurovision Song Contest as the Australian correspondent.

    Zelina found inspiration for “Dream of Me” when she was with some of her best friends. Zelina says on the track:

    “We got into a discussion about being a single woman and what that means. We ended up getting into a whole conversation about self-exploration and the concept of love and lust – that sometimes it’s ok to not fall in love but instead indulge in the feeling of lust,” She explains. “That was what inspired the song. I really just wanted this to feel empowering to women, to have freedom of expression, to explore sexuality and imagination on their own terms, and to be confident and proud of who they are and who they want to be.”

    Keep your eyes peeled as Arlene Zelina continues to rise internationally with her original material, and releases more material over the coming months and into the new year.

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