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    British Somali Artist And Creative Anisa Will Not Settle For Less On Her New Single: Deserve Me

    British Somali Artist And Creative Anisa Will Not Settle For Less On Her New Single: Deserve Me

    Written by Anisa, and produced by Edashman, the song pays homage to the ‘90s and early noughties era of R&B music that was pivotal to Anisa’s upbringing, and influenced her artistic journey.

    Nearly two years on from her debut single “Yalla,” which amassed over half a million plays online, and was championed by BBC 1Xtra, Reprezent Radio and FootAsylum, among others, and with superstar co-signs for her creative talents from the likes of Stormzy, Cardi B, and City Girls, British Somali singer, songwriter, and content creator ANISA is back with her brand new single titled “Deserve Me.”

    “Deserve Me” also comes with a fun and creative music video, directed by Anisa herself, and shot on location across the city of London. Inspired by ‘90s era music videos that came with storytelling plots and creative acting, Anisa has put together a story-led music video for “Deserve Me,” which sees Anisa being grounded from going out with her friends, but as you’d expect, she pulls up to the party, where she sees her ex-lover, and is reminded of all the ways that he didn’t deserve her in the first place.

    Speaking about the inspiration behind her “Deserve Me” single, Anisa says, “The moment I heard the production, it felt super nostalgic to me, and I really miss that old school sound. The inspiration for the song came from that ‘90s and early 2000s R&B era, which was very pivotal to me growing up, and has such a great influence on my music today! This song is about finally realizing that you deserve better – it’s almost like waking up from an epiphany and finally letting go! It’s a song I created to teach girls to never settle for anything less than what you deserve, and that’s on self respect.”

    Having grown up a stone’s throw away from the iconic Wembley Arena, Anisa’s ambitions were focused on achieving success with her creative passions, and from a young age, she found a salve in being an entertainer and became a natural at captivating audiences. Her creativity soon found an outlet via social media, where she has grown a loyal following for her realism and undeniable humor. While she is celebrated for creating entertaining viral content, Anisa’s passion for music remains unrelenting, with two more singles set to arrive before the end of the year.

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