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    Phondupe And Babekühl Release: AMA

    Phondupe And Babekühl Release: AMA

    Sydney musician Phondupe and revered creative studio Babekühl have teamed up to create an ambient journey through sight and sound, with the visual experience that is, “AMA.”

    Drawing inspiration from the positive impacts of psilocybin, the visuals explore the connectedness of the natural environment, the work attempts to mirror the effects of psychedelic therapy, within a seven-minute experience, with the aim of offering true catharsis to the viewer.


    The field samples in this track were recorded outside a temple on Teshima Island in Japan, on a trip Phondupe took a few years ago. ⁣
    His last project, “Silo,” has recently received four more awards, including Best Music Video at Brighton Film Festival, Best Dance Music Video and Best Director at Roma Music Video Awards, and Official Selection at San Francisco Frozen Film Festival.

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    Phondupe And Babekü…

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