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    Girls Collaborate With Future Youth Records To Create Women’s Day Album

    Girls Collaborate With Future Youth Records To Create Women’s Day Album

    Future Youth Records, a nonprofit record label based in California has partnered with other nonprofits in the UK and California to help girls write and record songs for Women’s Day album.

    Now releasing their second Think Women campaign album, “Sisterhood Sessions Vol. 2” as a collaboration between FYR and nonprofits based in the United Kingdom and Los Angeles, CA. This campaign exists to commemorate International Women’s Day each year by releasing empowering songs written and performed by girls – many living on the margins.

    Beginning back in March 2019, when eight girls from Bristol’s Integrate UK wrote two songs over two days inside Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios. FYR recruited top musicians, including Matt “Doctor Fink” of Prince and the Revolution fame, to help the girls throughout the process.

    “This was definitely one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had, putting a healing and powerful message out to bring empowerment to young women and help them find their confidence”. Matt “Doctor Fink”; FYR mentor/Prince and The Revolution keyboardist

    The anthemic “I’m A Woman” showcases how the process came together to create a powerful song. 

    Following their work in the UK, FYR setup summer and fall sessions in Los Angeles, CA, in partnership with Peace 4 Kids and Education Through Music – Los Angeles. That work helped youth to create and distribute music promoting social action. Recording sessions would take place in iconic recording studios with help from famed Prince keyboardist, Matt “Doctor Fink”.

    “The girls seemed to really bond with one another during the experience and develop deep, valuable connections. They were sharing how hard the others worked on their songs, from brainstorming to songwriting, recording and awkward dancing”! Miriam Cortez; Program Coordinator, Peace 4 Kids

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