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    LA Artist tmrwnite Finds His Calling In Music, Drops NEW EP: Maybe Another Time

    LA Artist tmrwnite Finds His Calling In Music, Drops NEW EP: Maybe Another Time

    Los Angeles-based artist and designer tmrwnite continues to push the boundaries of his musical talents, reflecting on his previous relationships & referencing heartfelt personal anecdotes from his past and real-life experiences.

    Take a listen to any of his tracks and you’ll notice the depths of your emotional currents reveal themselves—moving you through a reflective rollercoaster of life and relationships.

    His melodic wordplays are inspired and pulled from deep within, turning into songs that capture authentic vulnerability at its finest.

    If you resonate with upbeat, melodic tracks that blend into a unique pop-style sound, listen to his latest drop Maybe Another Time produced by sound engineers Jimmy Hooks and loveyoujj.

    There’s a difference between being an artist and being creatively and authentically free. When asked which philosophy he lives by, he simplistically states,

    “I am creatively and authentically free. I’m trying to have no boundaries when it comes to my music. No limitations on the stuff I can or cannot make.

    Some people might not like it, but I’m not making it for them…I’m making it for me.”

    Read about TMRWNITE’s take on life, artistry, what inspires him, and his newly released EP titled: Maybe Another Time.

    Tell us a little bit about you. Where is home?

    I am a creative artist born and raised in Southern California—Orange County to be exact. I moved to Maryland while I was in high school for a few years before I made my way back to Los Angeles in early 2017. I currently reside in Long Beach, CA.

    Where is your artistic home? 

    To me, there is truly nothing else that matches the atmosphere of Southern California. The energy and inspiration here creatively inspire me in many forms and aspects. I thrive on pink-sky sunsets, beautiful weather, and nostalgia. I have been very grateful to travel all around the world and seek inspiration and experiences in new countries, cities, and cultures, but home is where the heart is and for me and that is here in SoCal.

    What was the defining moment you realized you wanted to do music? 

    I have always been a creative spirit my entire life. I started to make music when I was around 17. That became on and off for several years while I was pursuing other artistic outlets and finding myself creatively.

    I didn’t start actively pursuing music until mid-2021. I was filming for my good friend and an established music producer Kyle Beats YouTube channel. It’s amazing how the Universe works because most people don’t know the story of how Kyle and I met before we became who we are as artists today. In 2016, I was hired to go on this nationwide “Mike Stud” tour with Cam Meekins, the opening act on the tour.

    I was in charge of all video production and Kyle was his DJ. Even though I wasn’t on the tour for the music aspect of it, I can remember the feeling of wishing and aspiring that one day I would get to be in that position with my music. Fast forward to 2020, Kyle moved to CA from Boston and I started to drive down to Temecula three days a week to film for his channel.

    All of those times going down to film eventually led me to making music and I organically became a regular part of his channel, making music together where I was given the opportunity to showcase my music to the world and all of his viewers.

    The more we made music, I realized in those moments this was what I truly wanted to pursue. Then, in 2021, the video titled “my cameraman raps to my beat”  immediately hit over 200k views in the first week it went live on YouTube.

    When the artist Russ reached out to Kyle about me in disbelief that I was his “cameraman” was when I told Kyle I needed to stay in the studio for me to keep dropping music. The moment that happened, I knew that was a sign from the Universe to keep going.

    I released my first official song as tmrwnite called “Lost It”, produced by Kyle Beats in May 2021.

    How much has your sound or style changed since you started doing music?

    My sound is constantly evolving. I like to create from many different spaces emotionally. As a by-product of growing and healing as a human being, so is my music. I love expanding sonically and love to have a limitless approach to what style I need to stick with. I let my moods and emotions dictate what type of song I’m going to create.

    The Fox Magazine is all about inspiration, what or who inspires you the most right now?

    There is a plethora of things that continuously inspire me. I’m a very spiritual person. I love connecting within myself through meditation, breathwork, and spending a lot of time in nature. Naturally, I’m a loner. I spend the majority of my time alone, so I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on many things in my life—who I am as a person and who I am as an artist.

    Whether it’s relationships, new life experiences, places, heartbreak, love, or the nostalgia of the past, I’ve constantly been able to dip into this creative space to pull inspiration.

    What are some lessons you’ve learned as an emerging artist today? How do you stay relevant? 

    One thing I’ve learned this past year is to stay relevant as an up-and-coming artist, you must constantly stay in the public view and I don’t mean it in a negative light. You must put out music and content consistently. If you think about it, people are on social media to be “entertained,” and you can’t try and sell them your music these days.

    Times are changing and artists need to adapt to viewing music as a business. This was hard for me to wrap my head around because I am an artist at the core of my soul. I just wanted to make music and not worry about the business aspect of it, but to make a living and secure yourself in social and streaming platforms, you have to view your music or brand as a business.

    After this EP comes out, I’m deciding to drop a song a week and have a content release schedule planned out that includes a new piece of short-form content going live on all social platforms every other day.

    “Good music + consistency + word-of-mouth is the formula to blowing up,” – Russ

    Are there any artists currently that inspire you? How does their work influence your music?

    Rather than myself, I currently have only 3-4 artists on repeat. The 1975, Larry June, Leon Bridges, and the artist Mike. As weird as this may sound I actively don’t listen to many artists, although I appreciate all genres sonically.

    Can you share a story behind creating your EP Maybe Another Time?

    This entire EP was recorded in mid-2022. It was a time when I was just getting over a ‘situationship’/relationship that I wanted to work on but it never had the chance to thrive. So when things ended, I had a lot of self-reflecting to do.

    Maybe Another Time is my documentation sonically for that period of my life. I hope anyone who listens can reflect and enjoy the songs for what they are. They’re nostalgically melodic, and it tells a story.

    If you could imagine Maybe Another Time being performed live, what would it look and feel like?

    I’m very big on manifesting through feelings, and to do so, I use visualization. I will meditate and visualize this feeling of me performing every day. It already feels natural to me. It’s already mine. So really, I’m just waiting for 3D time to catch up to reality.

    One of my biggest goals is to sell out the Observatory in Orange County.

    What’s something people would be surprised to learn about you?

    I’m a loner.

    What does expression in art or music mean to you?

    To be myself, to be creatively free. I  think there is so much power in channeling thoughts and feelings into music. It’s a beautiful gift, and I’m forever grateful.

    What motto, quote, or words to live by that you use to stay motivated when you aren’t feeling inspired?

    “Happy 2 be here.”

    As cliche as it is, tomorrow is not promised. I’m constantly learning to live in a state of gratitude and happiness and not chase it.

    Thank you to The Fox Magazine for this opportunity, and for allowing me to be a part of something that will be sealed in time.

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