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    Look Forward With DUPLIC8’s New Single, Fade Away

    Look Forward With DUPLIC8’s New Single, Fade Away

    Fade Away” describes the changes in mindset one needs to implement to maneuver through new circumstances.

    DUPLIC8 shares letting go of the confusion and uncertainty he faces with what he’s doing with his life and the direction that he’s taking with this track.

    With unfavorable odds from the get-go, people counted him out before he started.

    Fade Away” is for anyone who feels the same.

    The song was produced by Quin Kiu (J Ember, Lil Mosey).

    It’s okay to let go — of your own doubt, or people in your environment that do not believe in you. If you’re experiencing fear of what you could do, imagine not being confined to any limits. If it’s just the worry of how to take the next step, then release those emotions. 

    Take a moment to soak in how far you have come, in spite of the many setbacks along the way. In time, as you make strides, those people and pains of your past do fade away. Let’s look forward to the future.



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    Look Forward With DU…

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