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    Pendulum Announces First New Music Since UK #1 Album: Immersion

    Pendulum Announces First New Music Since UK #1 Album: Immersion

    The wait is finally over…

    Pendulum, one of the most iconic electronic acts of all time are now ready to reveal their first brand new music since the UK #1 album ‘Immersion’! The two tracks include the massive halftime track ‘Nothing For Free’, featuring classic vocals from frontman Rob Swire that delivers the powerful rock-infused electronic music that Pendulum does best and the mighty DnB anthem ‘Driver’.

    After complete global domination with sold-out headline tours, three platinum albums ‘Hold Your Colour’, ‘In Silico’ (UK #2), and ‘Immersion’ (UK #1), and huge fan-loved singles including ‘Propane Nightmares’, ‘Watercolour’, ‘Witchcraft’, ‘The Island’ and more, Pendulum are back to reignite the spark with their brand new music, an incredible new show production, and the announcement of even more music to come.

    Rob Swire said: “We’ve been working on some new tracks for a while now and it’s great to finally get them out. We’d been playing exclusive previews of some of the new music at shows in Australia and New Zealand before lockdown, and we’ve been making tweaks along the way to make sure they’re right.”

    While summer events are on hold this year, Pendulum has still managed to retain their headliner status across the globe, topping the bill at the prestigious SW4 festival in London in 2019, as well as Ultra Japan and New Zealand’s Electric Avenue with the awe-inspiring new Trinity production.

    Rob said, “Trinity just seemed like the perfect touring model for us right now, it gives us the freedom to test out our new music on the road as we did in the early days, whilst still being able to headline the biggest events and bring a huge, bespoke new show to our audiences.”

    The launch of the new Trinity production sees the 3 original founding members of Pendulum – Rob Swire (Anscenic), Gareth McGrillen (Speed), and Paul Harding (El Hornet), joining forces for the first time in over a decade. Pendulum Trinity has also been announced as festival headliners at some of the biggest events across the globe including, We Are FSTVL, Ultra Europe, Boomtown, Creamfields, EDC Vegas, Let It Roll, Lowlands, and even more for 2021.

    ‘Nothing For Free’ was teased across underplay events at the beginning of the year, including intimate club shows in Sydney and their home town of Perth as well as a live vocal performance by Rob Swire, Gareth McGrillen, and Paul ‘El Hornet’ Harding during the Rampage takeover Pendulum hosted in March. While eager fans will recognize ‘Driver’ as the massive intro track to Pendulum’s new Trinity show, launched at London’s biggest dance festival SW4 last year.

    Watch the Rampage live stream here 

    Word of the new music continued to spread after a brand new website with a rotating countdown emerged, filling in layer by layer, eventually revealing itself as the artwork for the release.

    The artwork, designed by Rob Swire also doubles up as a phenakistoscope, an animated design that turns the static images into moving pictures when played on a 45rpm record player and viewed through a phone camera at 25fps. With fans counting down the days until release, a brand new era for Pendulum has officially begun. make sure to look out for ‘Nothing For Free’ and ‘Driver’ dropping this week.

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