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    Planning To Buy A Piano? Here Are Some Tips On Choosing The Right One For You

    Planning To Buy A Piano? Here Are Some Tips On Choosing The Right One For You

    If you have been playing piano for a while or are simply interested and would like to start playing, you may decide to buy a piano.

    The biggest mistake would be to pick up a catalog or walk into a piano store and pick out a piano.

    Buying a piano needs a considerable amount of planning. It is a serious investment that can cost thousands of dollars.

    If you properly maintain a piano, you can use it for decades. It makes making an informed choice when buying a piano even more necessary.

    The following are some tips from the experts to help you buy a piano:

    Have a Budget

    The first thing you should do before you go searching for a piano is set a budget. Take a realistic look at your finances and determine how much you are willing to spend on a piano. The purpose for the piano will definitely affect how much you are willing to spend on a piano. A professional piano player will probably be willing to spend more on a piano than a novice.

    If you want to save money, you should buy a piano from an individual. Buying from a store will almost always be more expensive.

    Buy from an Individual

    You essentially have two options when buying a piano; buying it from an individual or a seller. According to experts, buying from an individual is usually the better choice especially if you are buying your first piano.

    When you buy your piano from a store you will probably be buying a new one which will cost more. However, you can find individual piano dealers who will have new pianos.

    When buying from an individual, you will probably be buying a used piano not a new one which leads to the next expert tip.

    Buy a Used Piano Not an Overused One

    One mistake that experts say most piano buyers make is to buy a plain old piano. It is a mistake mostly made by beginners but also by anyone who finds a great deal on a piano.

    When buying a piano from an individual, it will probably be a used piano. However, you should accept a piano that is way past its prime.

    It is especially so of old upright pianos which can be as old as a century. Such pianos are almost ready to disintegrate and will definitely affect how you play.

    Consider the Size

    When you plan on buying a piano, you should seriously consider the size of the piano you want. Whether you want the piano to be stationary or portable is usually the deciding factor when it comes to size. Pianos have different dimensions to measure their size. Before you buy a piano, you should learn about the various piano dimensions. It will help you make a more informed purchasing decision.

    Common piano sizes include 36 inches high known as a Spinet, 42 inches high known as a Console and 45 to 48 inches high called a Studio piano. The size of the piano will also affect the price and the larger the piano, the more expensive it probably is.

    Decide on the Type of Piano

    If you plan on buying a piano, you should evaluate the various types of piano before going out and buying one. The three main types of piano are vertical, grand, or digital.

    Vertical pianos are named so because of how their strings run. They are designed to fit well against a wall. Grand pianos are usually the most prized of pianos. They have a classic shape and efficient design. They do have various benefits over vertical pianos.

    A digital piano and an acoustic piano are very similar. The main difference is that an acoustic piano produces sound by the plucking of strings, hitting of hammers and using a soundboard. On the other hand, a digital piano produces sound electronically.

    The type of piano you choose should be suitable for your budget and lifestyle.

    Check the Warranty

    Another expert tip if you plan on buying a piano is to check the warranty. It will definitely make a significant difference in the future.

    The warranty on a new piano should be at least five years. For grand pianos, it should be at least twice that. If you want a piano with a warranty, you will have to buy one from an authorized seller and recognized brand as opposed to buying from an individual.

    Buying a piano is a decision that will affect the rest of your life whether for you or for a loved one. If you can use the tips above, you should make an informed decision. The key tip is to choose a piano that suits you the most.

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