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New Single From Los Angeles R&B Soul Artist, Tiera Beverly Entitled: Can’t Talk

The track oozes with sultry vocals, dramatic drums and soaring smokey harmonies, creating a throwback feel to Beverly’s love of 90’s girl groups.

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Music For Thought: Top 5 Secrets To Becoming A Better Musician

To have a successful career as a musician, you’re going to have to put in the time and the effort it takes to play and sound like a professional.

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Jensen Kirk’s Latest Album Symbolizes Transformation, Death and Rebirth

Phoenix: There Will Be Fire is Kirk's latest project that has sound like no other. In ancient mythology, the Phoenix symbolizes resurrection and renewal, notorious for rising from the ashes.…

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From Alaska to California, Lauren Dair Is Impacting Alternative Pop

Meet Lauren Dair, a 19 years old alternative pop artist based out of Los Angeles, CA. "My favorite color is purple. My astrology sign is cancer. I consider myself an…

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