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    MCP Release Debut EP And Epic Limited Edition Comic Vinyl Package

    MCP Release Debut EP And Epic Limited Edition Comic Vinyl Package

    Experimental psych-rock-synthwave trio MCP released their debut self-titled EP via streaming platforms record stores.

    The vinyl package by MCP, with a limited run of only 150 records, is a throwback to the iconic news agency and comic book store record/book combos of the ’70s and ’80s, and will be available only at independent record stores across the country.

    Included in the package is a ten-page graphic comic-style novel (written by Wes, the bass-player of the band, that tells the story of a great battle to save planet Earth, leading to alien abductions, secret underwater pyramids, a giant she-hulk warrior and the greatest concert never performed). A car air freshener (with artwork by Sindy Sinn), and a sticker pack including artworks by artists from each previous MCP release (Sindy Sinn, Nick Potts, Ben Toupein, Jeremy Lord, Jeswri, Steven Dai).

    The six track EP is best described as a cinematic space odessy — mysterious, genre-defying and retro and futuristic at the same time. It includes two unreleased songs: “Master Control,” a Stranger Things meets Star Wars epic banger, showcasing the band’s genetic make up: drums, bass, and a tonne of synth.

    The second is “The Blade,” a Samurai’s delight, an homage to the classic 80’s Chinatown, Kung Fu and Karate action movies. Both new songs were mixed and mastered at Studios 301.

    Wes explains, “I watched American Ninja 1 and 2  hundreds of times as a kid, so I wanted to make a song that paints a picture of Ninjas dressed in black, gearing up to do some bad shit – it’s the bad guy song, a song for the villains reaping revenge.”

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    • Vicki Salisbury
      August 16, 2022

      Extraordinary talent a rare artistic endeavor that surpasses anything I’ve heard or seen . Each of the musicians contributes to a cohesive and fun multi-sensory epic adventure.. The group weaves futuristic technology, meaningful social commentary with a unique spin on nostalgia. .

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    MCP Release Debut EP…

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