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    Sara Bug Shares New Video For “Back In Nashville”

    Sara Bug Shares New Video For “Back In Nashville”

    Nashville’s Sara Bug Returns With Back In Nashville Video.

    Self-Titled Egghunt Records Debut – Bandcamp LP Preorder. Download or stream the album in full below

    Back with the final single and first video from new Egghunt artist Sara Bug’s fantastic debut LP. This song is a country classic, or as she calls it “a cheesy country song.” The video is a charming collage of home movies, a fisher price karaoke machine, a guitar solo on a beer bottle, a New Orleans gator.

    “I set out to write a cheesy country song and I did, but Back in Nashville is for someone really special to me. But every time, it gets harder to go back to Nashville alone because truth be told I hate living in the city.”

    “Back in Nashville is kind of about hating Nashville. It’s also about someone who’s really special to me who lives far away. Every time we see each other it gets harder to go back to Nashville alone.”

    The ten songs on Sara Bug’s forthcoming self-titled debut album were not meant to be shared. A culmination of seven years of her life, these songs were journal entries that reckoned with defining herself. Growing up in New Orleans, Bug imagined herself to be a successful songwriter.

    “I was so deep in the music. ‘Oh, I’m going to be a famous musician. When I get out of high school, that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to go have a career in music,’” she explains. “I think I held on to that for so long, I had finally kind of let go, like that pressure. Now it was just fun.”

    This eponymous project embodies Bug’s journey away from the expectations of others and her younger self, allowing her creative freedom.

    Sara Bug opens with a lush, symphonic ballad about desire. “My whole life through, I want to die with you,” she sings tenderly on “Die With You.” Romantic and a bit morbid, Bug opens with the oldest song on the album and takes us to that time when the urgency of her happiness began pushing against the pressure of others’ approval. It’s easy to get lost in the dreamy guitar strums and sturdy bass lines, Bug’s voice sharp and clear against the country-psych rock combination.

    A close listen reveals that Bug is letting the listener into the most poignant moments of the past years with sincerity and ease. She takes us on reflective motorcycle rides, whether literal or desired, for “Rosebank” and “Ride On Sundys.” She details the loss of a family member and a trip back home from her then-residence in New York on “Lotta Pride.” Inspired by the detailed storytelling of Dolly Parton and Neil Young, Bug leads across state lines and along her timeline of personal growth with unconventional, vivid song structures.

    After moving to Nashville in 2013, the pressure of perfecting a craft in a notoriously famous city for honing musical skills only added mountains of stress.

    “I thought, ‘Oh, this is going to be awesome. I’m going to be around other musicians all the time, it’s going to be inspiring and force me to work harder on my music.’ It kind of had the opposite effect for me unexpectedly,” she admits.

    “It feels hard sometimes to do your craft and your thing in a real way without feeling super judged or feeling if you’re not at a certain level your art doesn’t matter. And honestly, that’s part of the reason I kind of grew apart from the idea of even making music at all. I didn’t like the pressure in Nashville that I felt when I first moved there.”

    As the album comes to a close we’re left with an ending and a new beginning. “Lift this weight off my shoulder, stop believing that my beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder,” she sings on “The Beholder.” Here, we’re witness to Bug accepting and working through insecurity. But the closer “Back In Nashville” mocks the pressure that led Sara Bug to initially question her musical chops.

    “I told myself, I wanted to write a cheesy country song about not wanting to be in like the most country city in the United States,” she laughs.

    “Sara Bug captures a weird, but integral period of growth for the pensive musician. Her debut defines a period of questioning that Bug conquered in order to realize that music is exactly what she should be doing. That letting go can be a new kind of permission.” – Margaret Farrell

    Release Calendar

    Jan 29 – Rosebank
    Rosebank was written about the joy and calm I feel when I’m on my motorcycle. Everything else in the world disappears and I can think clearly when I’m taking time to myself, cruising around. The song was written when I was still a beginner. Every night I would drive down this long, curvy road in Nashville called Rosebank for practice. During a hard emotional time in my life, the nightly rides ended up being really therapeutic for me.

    Feb 17 – Die With You
    I wrote die with you, the oldest song on the album, in 2013 on my parents front porch. It seems like a love song, but I don’t remember who it’s about, or if it ever even was about someone specific. In 2013, during some of my darkest moments, I remember thinking a lot about and writing a lot about how badly I desired the approval of my loved ones and even the approval of myself. When I stripped myself bare of all the bullshit, could I stand up straight and tall in the bright sunshine and still be someone special? Die with you was then and still is now, a sort of foreshadowing of what I hope my life becomes.

    March 10 – Lotta Pride
    Lotta Pride was written in 2016 when I was in the middle of moving back to the south from new york. After living there for a couple years, working in the fashion industry, I was ready to move home for multiple personal reasons. After losing a close family member my priorities shifted. Lotta Pride is an accumulation of thoughts I had during that time of grief and letting go of old hopes and dreams.

    March 31 – The Beholder

    Beholder, one of the most recently written songs on the album, is me admitting that I care too much what others think of me. As I get older I want to learn not to let the opinions of others play a part in the choices I make. In this song I describe my deep desire to distance myself from society, simplify my life, and let go of pressure and expectations. Quite literally, I am saying that I can’t wait to buy land and move to the country. I’ve kind of arrived at a new chapter in life with this song.

    April 21 – Ride on Sundys
    It’s a play on words I guess. Sitting inside writing on a sunday afternoon instead of out in the sun driving or riding or at the lake with my friends. Ride on Sundys is about the guilt of being sad and trying to bandage it with isolation.

    May 5 – Back in Nashville
    Back in Nashville is for someone really special to me. We don’t get to see each other often so when we do it’s always really great to regroup and get a different perspective. But every time, it gets harder to go back to Nashville alone because honestly I hate living in the city.

    May 14 – Full LP

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