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    Stream Drives The Common Man’s New Single: Night Vision

    Stream Drives The Common Man’s New Single: Night Vision

    Night Vision” is the first self-produced single by Drives The Common Man.

    He aspires to be a voice for his generation and people.
    “As indigenous people, we are often under-represented. I’d like to break societal standards and help the new youth going through the same things as I have with substance abuse.”

    Night Vision” is inspired by a time in my life when I was only looking forward to going out at night. I found myself drinking more often, and using drugs. It’s about the boring cycles and toxic habits that come when you are riding your body from these substances. The loss of euphoria.”

    Be honest with yourself about the issues you face. With ‘Night Vision’, he hopes that rubs off on people who are in a similar situation, to do what they need to do to be healthy and happy.

    Drives The Common Man

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