Toronto-Based Artist Afta Hill Releases New Single: Vibin

    Canadian-Iranian rapper, singer and producer Afta Hill released his new single, ‘Vibin,’ the first single of his forthcoming album,Tehranto.’

    Inspired by the events that have happened in 2020, ‘Vibin’ is a reminder that it is okay to be happy despite what’s going on around us.


    Afta Hill’s new track, ‘Vibin,’ was born out of exhaustion with the negative news and energy that happened around the world this year.
    “Seemingly everything has gone wrong in 2020, to the point where it has numbed us,” Afta Hill says. “With everything that has happened, the priorities of young people have shifted. The first verse of Vibin’ is about representing that shift in mindset, while the second verse looks at the shift from a personal perspective.”
    “Young people aren’t numb or ignorant because we choose to have fun in the face of uncertainty,” he adds. “‘Vibin’ is a reminder that it is okay to be happy despite everything going on in the world.”
    With the desire to send a positive message despite the bad news that have been adding up throughout the year, Hill adds:
    “Living in controlled chaos is taking a toll on us. Our minds are so overwhelmed with information that we wonder if there is space for us to be happy and present. It is important to let yourself feel happiness—don’t let 2020 beat you up.”
    Listen to ‘Vibin’ on Apple Music, SoundCloud or Spotify.

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