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    Julius July Balances Photography & Fashion Effortlessly

    Julius July Balances Photography & Fashion Effortlessly

    People know Julius for his hats, beard, knowledge, & sense of style. He’s also known for very colorful photographs and spending time both behind & in front of the camera.

    We interviewed with Julius about his start in both fashion and photography, favorite inspirations, and plans for the future.

    Where do you consider your artistic home? Is there a city, country or neighborhood that inspired you to get into photography?

    I would say New York is my artistic home. It’s where I learned to improve my skills and gives me inspiration. I live in Brooklyn and also spend time in Soho & the Lower East Side. You can find coolness in those areas despite the shifting demographics.

    What brought you into photography?

    I’ve just always had a good eye as well as an interest in visual mediums.

    What subject or person have you yet to photograph that you have always wanted to photograph?

    I’d like to photograph Rihanna. I always hope to see her every fashion week. Rihanna, get at me!

    How does social media impact the quality of work for a photographer?

    Social media is everything to me, but I wouldn’t say it necessarily impacts quality. It just brings more of an audience. So in that sense, the pressure from wanting to impress your audience could lead to better quality.

    What time of day do you prefer to shoot, night or day?

    Definitely during the day, but not overly sunny. Around 2pm is usually pretty bad because the sun is too harsh. A bit later at golden hour is perfect. A nice, cloudy day is perfect as well.

    Did you go to school to study photography?

    Outside of one class in high school, I’m self-taught. Like I said, I’ve always had a good eye.

    The Fox Magazine is all about inspiration, what/who inspires you the most?

    I would say New York and other urban environments inspire me the most. The streets, the architecture, the people, fashion, street art, and graffiti all play a part. But of course, sometimes you have to get away from all that & see something else.

    If you had to choose one lens which one would it be and why?

    A standard 18-55 lens comes in handy for everyday situations, but you can’t beat a 50mm lens when shooting portraits, especially with models & fashion bloggers.

    Just keep creating.

    Follow his journey!

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