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    6 Great Uses Of Drones

    6 Great Uses Of Drones

    Drones are one of the most incredible pieces of technological innovation of the past few decades.

    These ultra-maneuverable unmanned vehicles can be operated from miles away and used for all kinds of applications. While drones were previously only used by the military, the incredible rate at which drone technology has been developed means that it has now become available to everyone.

    There are now even schoolchildren who are taking drone flying lessons as part of their extra-curricular activities. To show just how versatile and cutting edge these amazing machines are, here are 6 amazing uses of drones.

    1. Military Applications

    When a lot of people think about drones, they immediately think about them being used by the military. Drones are far cheaper to build and maintain than jets and helicopters, meaning they can also be deployed much faster. Supply chains offering military aviation support can provide all the necessary equipment for a whole fleet of drones in a matter of days or weeks, whereas jets and helicopters can take months or even years to get off the production line. While many other types of technology were also originally developed for the military, the use of drones has been incredibly controversial. The military actually uses drones for all kinds of things such as supplying troops and doing reconnaissance missions, but the most debated application of drone technology is drone strikes.

    The US military has used drones to hit thousands of targets in the last fifteen or so years, particularly along the border between Pakistan and Taliban. The US argues that the campaign has been very effective in taking out terrorist opposition but critics say that it has killed many innocent civilians.

    2. Photography

    The overhead shots taken with the use of drones really have changed the face of photography forever. Previously, these shots would have needed to be taken from a helicopter which would be incredibly expensive and could also be potentially very dangerous. Now an unmanned drone can simply be flown above an erupting volcano or over a waterfall and the most amazing photos can be taken.

    Filmmakers are also using drones to get overhead shots which were impossible just a few years ago. One notable use of drones in filmmaking is in Angelina Jolie’s directorial debut, First They Killed My Father, which has breathtaking over the recreated Khmer Rouge villages in which the film is set.

    3. Surveys

    Drones have made land surveys super easy as construction and infrastructure companies are now able to survey huge areas of difficult terrain. Drones are equipped with high resolution cameras and pinpoint GPS technology so that the land can be perfectly mapped from above. This has made land surveying a piece of cake compared to when it had to be done by people on the ground. There are many benefits of a drone survey including money and time saved, more accurate information, and no risk to people attempting to survey a dangerous site. Drones are relatively inexpensive pieces of equipment anyway but with all these benefits, the return on investment is huge.

    4. Deliveries

    The world of retail was already well on its way to moving almost completely online even before the Covid-19 Pandemic saw us all locked up in our houses. In their never-ending efforts to speed up deliveries and further monopolize the online shopping market, Amazon last year got approval from the Federal Aviation Administration to start using drones for deliveries. While “Prime Air” delivery drones have not yet dropped off a package, it seems only a matter of time before they are finally launched.

    5. Scientific Research

    There are many places in the world that are extremely difficult for people to get to but drones have made these previously inaccessible locations accessible. Drones have been able to record previously uncontacted tribes and have even been flown into the eye of a hurricane. The unmanned nature of drones means that there is no danger to anybody and as there are all kinds of sensors and other technology which can be installed on drones, scientists are able to learn a huge amount.

    6. Search and Rescue

    Another massive benefit of drones being able to fly safely over difficult terrain is that they can be used for search and rescue missions. People often get lost or stuck in inhospitable places like mountains or in the outback. Drones can be used to locate them quickly and even deliver essential supplies to them while they are waiting to be rescued. Think of them as flying St Bernards without the barrel of whiskey around their necks.

    Drones really are incredibly diverse in their applications and they are being used in so many different industries. From military missions to jaw-dropping photography, drones have changed the way we do so many things. With more and more people owning and operating their own drone now, it is so exciting to see what the future of drones has in store.

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    • Adam
      May 4, 2022

      Drones have long ceased to be just a leisure item. Now it is an amazing tool that is applied to many areas of our lives. They speed up and significantly improve the quality of creating topographic maps and plans, learn more about drone topographic survey

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