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    A Tool For The New Normal: This Simple Device Will Help You Avoid Germs

    A Tool For The New Normal: This Simple Device Will Help You Avoid Germs

    Architect turned jewelry designer created a simple tool that helps you avoid contact with high-touch and potentially dangerous surfaces.

    Daniel Sheinfeld is an architect turned jewelry designer that found a solution to save lives with style.

    Daniel is a successful jeweler designer currently living off the grid in a remote Hawaiian island. He exhibits his pieces in luxury jewelry stores, from Hawaii to New York City; even in museums. He designed a novel solution to help avoid contact with high-touch surfaces like public door handles.

    When the pandemic hit, he suddenly found himself with lots of time to be creative. Like any creative mind, Daniel started watching his surroundings for inspiration. He noticed his wife opening a door using a key to avoid touching the handle. And that got him thinking! Two hours later he was already 3D printing v1 of his solution to the problem. After multiple iterations in the span of 2 days (and long nights), the TouchClip was born. And after 3 more days, it was being manufactured in Bali.

    The TouchClip is a hand-crafted tool designed to safely open doors, press buttons (think gas station & elevators) and open boxes. Yes, all those online orders made since the pandemic started. The TouchClip attaches to any key ring so it’s always handy. And the best thing is that it’s made from brass, a copper alloy that’s antimicrobial.

    It didn’t take long for the TouchClip to become a viral sensation. Today, Daniel is fulfilling hundreds of orders from his online shop.

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    A Tool For The New N…

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