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    Tips To Stay Free From Covid-19 While Travelling

    Tips To Stay Free From Covid-19 While Travelling

    Whatever the reason that you’re traveling right now, or where you are going, it is crucial for you to be well informed on what you have to do in order to stay safe and healthy, and as always, research is the key!

    On that note, in this article, we have compiled the most important steps that you need to follow in order to stay free from Covid-19 while you’re traveling.

    Wear a mask!

    It can not be stressed enough how important this really is. There has been a lot of skepticism regarding masks, some people saying that it doesn’t matter if you wear a mask since the virus can pass through the mask, and yet going to say that oxygen can’t, hence people can experience “lack of oxygen”.

    This is absolutely not true, so let’s debunk it. The oxygen molecule consists of two atoms, while on the other hand, the virus is, as simply as it can be described, DNA or RNA wrapped in a protein capsule. Proteins, even the smallest ones, are composed of at least about 100 atoms.So, how come that the oxygen can’t pass through the mask and yet coronavirus can? Wear a mask! But also, if it’s washable, be sure to wash it regularly, and if it isn’t, discard it after a couple of hours.

    The importance of sanitization

    Okay, first of all, it would be best if you carried 2 types of sanitizers on you, a 70% ethanol and a hand sanitizer that is also ethanol, but with glycerol so that it will go easier on your skin. Why?, you might ask? Well, hand sanitizer, obviously, you will use on your hands, before you eat is the best example, but basically before doing anything with your hands that can let the virus potentially get into your system.

    On the other hand, 70% liquid ethanol is what you will use to disinfect the objects that you use most often. So, your phone, your laptop (don’t forget the keyboard!), the doorknob of the apartment in which you will be staying, etc. This is very important, and yet people tend to forget about it. If you disinfect your hands and immediately go to grab your phone which you have been holding with your hands beforehand, it’s pretty much the same as if you didn’t disinfect your hands at all.

    Social distancing

    You should try and always be aware of your surroundings, trying not to get too close to the people while in public transport, for example, or in the supermarket, even in the plain while you’re getting to your destination.

    Considering the situation, you should always try and get as informed as you can regarding your flight, possibly choosing the one from a credible company that takes disinfection of their planes seriously as well as the one that gets to the destination as fast as possible, so click here to do your research. Also, if you are traveling to visit family or friends, we know that it is hard, but try to exercise social distancing even with them, not only for your safety but to keep them safe as well.

    Check your temperature

    Whenever you have been in a situation in which the risk of getting infected is elevated (traveling being one of those situations), you should, just in case, track your temperature to be able to see if everything is fine. It will be best if you could do this 3 times a day so that you could have a better picture of your overall temperature and have more valuable data from which you will see if your temperature truly is elevated or not.


    While there is nothing that you can take and be sure that you won’t get infected, there definitely are ways for you to boost your immune system at least, so that if you do catch Covid-19, your body will be in the top shape to battle it. Vitamin C is probably the best and the most important supplement in this certain situation, while there are other supplements that have more ingredients but ultimately have the same goal. Also, be sure to get a lot of sleep, try to eat as healthy as you can, and just give your body everything it needs.

    Even though times are tough and we are all in need to adapt our lives to the circumstances around us, our lives don’t have to stop! We just need to be more careful and take all the necessary precautions, and someday, things will get back to normal. So, please, be sure to follow all of the above-mentioned steps. Traveling, or not. That being said, safe travels, and have fun!

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