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    How To Make Your YouTube Videos Look Amazing

    How To Make Your YouTube Videos Look Amazing

    YouTube happens to be one of the biggest and most popular social media platforms on the internet.

    If it’s a popularity contest, it blows all other websites out of the water except for Google.

    With over 2 billion users and a high watching time, it’s the platform you want to make sure that you are heard on. Whether you’re creating videos for fun or as your main job, you might want to keep reading this article for some tips that can help you make your videos look amazing.

    Building a Strategy

    No matter how good-looking your video is, your content should be top-notch for people to truly appreciate what you’re offering through your video. The secret to creating good content is finding all you can about your target audience. This enables you to create a persona that you can metaphorically ask questions to know what to do next. You’ll want to think like your target audience and try to offer them something interesting and new.

    Your content should be driven by what your target audience desires and how you can do it while still staying true to your goals. Adding more extra features will boost the chance of more views. Like, you can add video subtitles with the help of a Teleprompter app. This way your video will look more professional.

    Mastering Lighting

    One of the main problems that plague many, otherwise good, videos is the lighting settings. You wouldn’t believe how lighting can affect the whole display of a scene and its mood. Artificial lighting is harder to nail than utilizing natural lighting, which is why it’s often used when the equipment used in artificial lighting is unavailable. Luckily, there are some lighting kits that allow you to control a lot of aspects, such as color temperature. When you are using these kits, you’ll be saving yourself a lot of trouble because you won’t have to manually adjust everything to work. You can connect your smartphone to a lighting kit to avoid getting off the camera.

    Even though the different color temperatures used in creating a good lighting setup can be complex to explain, it’s important to understand that what can ruin the lighting of a video is the uneven mixing of different color temperatures. For example, if you have a large room that’s lit by fluorescent lights but there is a window that is also illuminating the room with sunlight, you might be in for a problem. The contrasting lights from different sources will mix up light temperatures and it will make the video look unbalanced or not well-lit. This is why you should always account for the consistency of your light sources before you begin shooting any video.

    Using B-Roll Footage

    B-roll footage is a professional term used by videographers to refer to a video that isn’t the primary footage. For example, if you’re shooting a video about a certain product, b-roll footage can include shots of customers using it in various situations. It’s not uncommon for people to use stock b-roll footage to improve their videos if it’s hard to obtain such footage due to its complexity, such as aerial shots. The best thing about this type of footage is that you can’t have too much. It’s always better to have options when you’re creating your video to incorporate a different element that can add a lot of context to it.

    The Rule of Thirds

    The rule of thirds is famous with a lot of professional video makers and even directors. It’s one of the staples of filmmaking and photography, and it’s a very simple technique to apply. The camera gridlines are created by 2 horizontal and vertical lines. It’s called the rule of thirds because you’ll be utilizing the 9 equal sectors created by the intersection of horizontal and vertical lines.

    You’ll want to use two points of intersection to symmetrically display your main subject, which will nudge the viewer’s eye towards that direction naturally. The final product is aesthetically pleasing, and while the reason can be complex, it looks quite natural and well-composed.

    Using Jump-Cuts

    Jump-cuts is a very popular trend amongst many successful YouTubers thanks to its ability to keep viewers engaged and interested. A jump-cut is an editing style that splits your video into dozens or hundreds of short clips that are then placed together to form one long video. If you’re doing a video where you have to speak for a long time, you don’t have to memorize scripts if you’re using jump-cuts. The key to creating a well-looking jump-cut video is to prepare your script beforehand by writing it out in the form of separate sentences that are easy to say.

    There is no denying that the competition on YouTube became more heated as more people are trying to get seen. The standards of great videos have really shot up over the last few years. Creating good content isn’t only dependent on writing it well, but also properly executing its presentation. Make sure that you stay updated with the latest trends that your audience is interested in to make your videos more engaging.

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    • Adam
      May 22, 2022

      The very first thing you can do to improve your view count is identifying relevant topics and keywords. This strategy will help you better understand what your users are looking for and how to attract them to your channel.

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