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    How To Rebuild Your Business Following the Coronavirus Aftermath and Beyond

    How To Rebuild Your Business Following the Coronavirus Aftermath and Beyond

    Amid the coronavirus pandemic, millions of businesses around the country have been forced to close their doors temporarily.

    The next course of action owners and managers take will help determine whether their business will thrive or ultimately dive.

    One industry expert says the key to thriving following the coronavirus is to ensure that their employees all share in a unifying vision.

    “The most important thing that business leaders can do following this shutdown is to have a unifying vision with their team,” explains Joe Curcillo, bestselling author, business coach, lawyer and motivational speaker. “When people believe in the vision of what they are doing, they are going to go above and beyond to help a business grow. It’s all a matter of getting them on board with that vision.”

    Millennial employees however maybe the ones hardest to convince with their being a disconnect among them and all the other employees. According to a Gallup poll, millennials are the least engaged generation at work, with 55% of them not being engaged. Ironically the success of one’s business is to have a deep understanding of how millennials live, work, and spend their money. 

    However, Curcillo disagrees about this disconnect, feeling that it’s really a matter of business leaders falling short on the ability to effectively lead. The best solution to this problem is to focus on a unifying vision. When you give people something they can believe in, they will want to be on board with helping to get the company going and surpassing where they were before the shutdowns.

    So what is this unifying vision? How can businesses use this to rebuild?

    1. Craft a unifying vision. Every company must have a vision for their company and be able to share it with their team.
    2. Being able to engage the team is essential. Find ways to motivate people from various generations in order to succeed. Millennials want to believe in and be a part of something they feel is important. Find a way to make your unifying vision something that will engage your team and get them on board.

    3. Ensure that you cast the right employees in proper roles. Having the right people in each position is important to achieving your vision. It’s important that each employee is the right fit for the position they are in, and that they have the tools and training needed to pull off the job.
    4. Become relentless at pursuing the task of building an unstoppable team. Too many business owners and managers try to do everything on their own. When you have an unstoppable team, the business will thrive and the unifying vision will come to fruition.

    Curcillo has helped countless businesses to thrive by focusing on the concept of having a unifying vision for the company. While some companies can keep their good employees by offering rewards and incentives, such things are shortlived, because someone else can offer more or they can run out. The way to retain a highly successful team that will strive for total business success is to focus on a unifying vision. 

    “In order to create your unifying vision, you have to get into the heads of your employees and customers,” added Curcillo. “Once you do that, then you can share that vision with your employees, hone your team to perfection, and motivate them to strive for success.”

    Here is an introduction to how a unifying a vision can help businesses during this pandemic:

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