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    The Ultimate Guide To Using A VPN While Traveling In Canada

    The Ultimate Guide To Using A VPN While Traveling In Canada

    Internet security is becoming an essential topic for all internet users, especially those who are travelling internationally.

    Although travelling to Canada can be done on the road if you are living in states close to US-Canada border, it is still technically considered an international travel. Thus, bringing with you an extra layer of protection and security when accessing public WiFi networks outside of your own country is a good course of action. You can also still stay connected to your favorite content and TV from back home even if you are in another country.

    How Does a VPN Work?

    A VPN works by masking or encrypting the connection between your computer and any website or internet application. Setting this up allows you to change your IP location, encrypt your data access geo-restricted content and services. Services like Hulu, Netflix, and BBC iPlayer may be restricted based on your location, but setting up a VPN helps you bypass these restrictions and still get your streaming content. Aside from accessing your favorite content without geographical restrictions is just one benefit you can gain from a VPN. You can also protect your internet traffic, secure your emails, voice calls, videos and music and also steer clear from data miners and hackers.

    When Should You Use It?

    You should use VPN services whether you’re at home or going abroad. Going to Canada is no exception, even though it is one of the USA’s closest neighboring countries. So why use a VPN in Canada? Going back, internet security is a primary concern among internet users these days. There are trusted and reputable VPN services Canada can offer that can guarantee your internet security. Chief among these is NordVPN, which has military-level encryption, an extensive network of servers across 60 countries, including Canada and a guarantee of untraceable browsing. PureVPN also offers more or less the same services as NordVPN, and is offering its services at a fairly affordable price. If you can’t let go of your favorite Netflix series even when you are abroad, Ivacy VPN has features that support Netflix wherever your location may be, has a reliable 256-bit encryption and a P2P traffic support for easy downloads.

    How Does VPN Protect You While in Canada?

    Your IP address can be particularly vulnerable to tracking and snooping especially if you are travelling in countries with high surveillance and monitoring activities. Canada is part of the Five Eyes alliance along with the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. Knowing this, you can discern that your online activity details may be shared by its government and other countries. Thus, you need to keep yourself under the radar and prying of surveillance systems when you go online in a foreign land.

    Most of the times, you’ll be accessing the internet through public or semi-public WiFi networks in airports, train stations, cafes and hotels. This can be particularly risky to do if your data is unencrypted by a VPN service. Your important information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card numbers need to pass through a secure channel; otherwise, these data can be visible to foreign ISPs, websites and malicious users. The good about using a VPN in Canada is that it is legal, so you are free to encrypt your data and surf the net and make online transactions securely.

    Freedom of movement when going abroad should also include freedom to use and access the internet without fear of prying or having your important data compromised. As a wise traveler, you should know the importance of keeping your data secure every time you travel in foreign countries. You can never know how secure the foreign internet services are, but you need to use the internet nevertheless. Thus, make it a point to set up a VPN service in your own computer.

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