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    This App Lets You Convert Crypto to Dollars to Euros for Free

    This App Lets You Convert Crypto to Dollars to Euros for Free

    Heading out of the country for an adventure? This app will you convert your crypto to American dollars to Euros to whatever other currency you want – all without a fee.

    Hoard stands behind decentralization and crypto-economics and the freedoms they present.

    Hoard is a new mobile wallet that bridges payments across crypto and fiat currency (regular money) so you can handle all currency exchanges straight from your smartphone. Using Hoard, you can buy magazines and gum at the airport newsstand with American dollars, Bitcoin, or Ethereum since all conversions will happen instantly and without a fee.

    In order to achieve their goal, the team behind Hoard has been tasked with developing an uncompromising user experience and exceptional security backed by phenomenal customer support. In addition to their mobile application, the company is developing a second layer transaction protocol that’s scalable and interoperable between blockchains.

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    This App Lets You Co…

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