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    Video Streaming Subscribers Could Save Up To $807.83 A Year

    Video Streaming Subscribers Could Save Up To $807.83 A Year

    In light of the looming cost of living crisis, many are looking for ways to cutback on their spending in order to afford the rising prices.

    One of the ways people can assess their finances is by taking a look at their monthly outgoings in order to identify and cancel any unwanted or unused subscriptions.

    At, we decided to calculate how much could be saved from cancelling video streaming subscriptions.​​

    Key Findings

    • The total cost of subscriptions to every major streaming service would be $807.83 per year.
    • The annual cost of subscriptions to just two streaming services (Netflix and Disney+) is $199.99.
    • 24% of Americans are subscribed to two paid streaming services, 23% subscribed to three, and 18% four.
    • 93% of Americans still plan to either increase their streaming service subscriptions or make no changes to their subscriptions.

    Jonathan Merry, CEO of commented:

    “Surprisingly, the majority of households have no intention of changing or decreasing their video subscriptions – even in the light of the cost of living crisis sweeping across the globe. However, with an ever growing number of services to choose from, the astronomical annual savings that could be made by cancelling subscriptions could change a few minds or at the very least, inspire some households to cut down on the number of services they sign up to.”

    Read the full article HERE.

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