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    66% Of Millennial Gamers Use Cheat Codes

    66% Of Millennial Gamers Use Cheat Codes

    With the recent news that Ubisoft has issued more than 166,000 bans for cheating in Rainbow Six Siege over the past year and a half alone, many Americans are wondering, what exactly counts as cheating in an online game?

    To settle the debate, the All Home Connections team surveyed 1,000 American gamers and 46% of respondents said using a cheat code isn’t really cheating. Out of this 46%, 22% said hacking the game would be cheating.

    Which generation cheats the most in video games? Millennials! A combined 66% of millennials surveyed said they use cheat codes either “sometimes” or regularly.

    Check out our full report to see which video game each state cheats in most, which states google cheat codes most overall, and to learn what each generation thinks about using cheat codes.

    Top 3 Games That Americans Cheat in Most

    • Grand Theft Auto V players may be the biggest cheaters: 14 states google “GTA 5 cheats” most.
    • Nine states are searching for “Fortnite cheats” most. Unfortunately for Fortnite fans, it was announced last month that the game will not become available on Steam Deck due to cheating concerns.
    • Seven states google “Valheim cheats” most. The game boasts an impressive list of 32 cheats that allow players to do everything from enabling God mode to taming all nearby animals.

    What Do Americans Really Think About Cheating in Video Games?

    43% of respondents said only certain games should have cheat codes—particularly single-player games.


    • To find the most searched cheats, we first compiled a list of the 50 most popular video games based on data gathered from PC Gamer, Tech Radar, Ranker, and IGN.
    • We then determined which 11 video game cheat codes have the highest search volume in SEMrush by searching for “[game] cheats” or “[game] cheat code” and used Google Trends to find the cheat code that each state has googled most in the past 12 months.
    • Finally, we surveyed 1,000 Americans on Pollfish to learn how frequently each generation uses cheat codes, whether using cheat codes is really considered cheating, and whether using cheat codes adds to Americans’ gaming experience or takes away from it.

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