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    Ways To Use Your iPhone To Make Sure You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions – Tips From Sleepletics

    Ways To Use Your iPhone To Make Sure You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions – Tips From Sleepletics

    Every year, we all make New Year’s resolutions. Some we stick to and some we don’t.

    Here are some ways to make sure keep your resolutions from Sleepletics.

    1. Set Reminders

    Is your resolution a part of your new daily routine? Do you strive to get up an hour earlier every day? Are you starting your day with a new breakfast routine? Set reminders on your phone to make sure you get a reminder at a set time every day (weekly or monthly reminders are a good idea as well.)

    2. Take Notes

    Use the Notes section on your phone to capture your results so that you can reference your progress. Example: Write down dates/times you woke up, had breakfast, etc. Did you skip a day? Mark it here. 

    3. Use the Health App To Track Your Steps and Set a Sleep Goal 

    Did you know your Health App on the iPhone has a setting to make an actual sleep goal? With the app, you can set a sleep goal of how many hours you need and set daily alarms that will wake you up in time to meet your goal. You can also use this app to track your daily, weekly or monthly steps if you are working toward a walking goal. 

    Looking for products to help with a sleep goal this year? Our Celliant Performance Sheets can help. The mineral-infused fabric of Celliant sheets increases local circulation and cellular oxygenation, so you go to sleep faster, recover more quickly from physical activity and wake up refreshed.

    And, soft and cozy diamond-stitch Celliant Performance Comforters are infused with Celliant in both the fabric and fill for a double dose of its restorative powers.  Medium weight, it is perfect for all seasons and those with allergies, asthma and other sensitivities.

    Here’s to a happy, healthy and sleepful(!) 2022!

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