40% Of Americans Made Plans To Travel By RV, Camping, And Road Trips This Summer

    2020 has had different plans in mind for most Americans this travel season.

    We know we’ve had to adjust the way we work, study, play, and more as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, but we were curious to see how people were traveling this summer season.

    So the data analysts at SatelliteInternet.com surveyed hundreds of Americans about their summer travel plans in 2020. 

    Here are some of the key findings from the report:

    • 40% of Americans increased travel by RV, camping and road trips this summer
    • 47% of Americans canceled airline & hotels reservations this summer
    • 59% of surveyed RV owners bought an RV this summer due to the pandemic
    • 67% of surveyed RV owners increased their RV usage during the pandemic

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      40% Of Americans Mad…

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