Food Photographer Follows Her Dream, Ends Up Living In France

Travel is a necessity in the development of opening your eyes to the possibilities of the world, sometimes that could be going to another region in the US or going to another country.

Food photographer and travel enthusiast April Preisler recalled a trip to Paris back in 2011 where she discovered the beauty of food through her camera’s lens. 

“After a trip to Paris several years ago, I knew I wanted to return to France where my adventure with Food n’ Focus truly began. Now that my dream of moving to France and exploring Europe is coming true, I’m so excited to take this leap and in the process inspire others to follow their dreams through my stories on Food n’ Focus,” said Preisler.

Now she’s leaving her kitchen and studio behind, packing her bags for France, and bringing her food and travel blog Food n’ Focus to the global stage. Food n’ Focus is a food and travel site committed to delivering beautiful recipes, adventures of travel, and professional photography. The success of Food n’ Focus is driven by April’s passion for cooking, travel, and the urge to capture everything with her camera along the way. Enter its eighth year Preisler and her husband will set up shop in the French Riviera on September 1st. Covering local culture and cuisine of many of Europe’s picturesque villages.

“There are so many unique cultures in this part of the world, I want to use this opportunity to learn as much as I can and leave no stone unturned. I feel like the range of recipes on Food n’ Focus is pretty broad, but I’m guessing that I’ll pretty quickly realize how little I really know, which will provide me with an amazing opportunity to share new cooking styles and spices with everyone who follows me,” Preisler said.

While spending the majority of her time in France, she plans to find adventure in Italy, Spain, Portugal, and possibly even a quick visit to the North African country of Morocco. Adding to her own recipes and coverage of local markets, while traveling abroad Preisler will also be working with chefs and purveyors of local food products to help them tell their stories.

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