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    68% Of People Overspend When On Vacation — How To Financially Plan For Your Summer Vacay

    68% Of People Overspend When On Vacation — How To Financially Plan For Your Summer Vacay

    Whether you’re saving for your summer vacation, a getaway weekend, a family trip, or anything in between, online banking app Monifi has put together a list of their top financial tips for saving for your next vacation.

    The goal-based banking app, Monifi, makes it easy to save. Features like personalized goals, with a spend and save structure make saving easy — and fun — especially when you spend your hard-earned money on a vacation!

    Trackable transaction tags mean users can categorize their spending, making sure you keep an eye on your budget.

    1. Set a Budget and Stick to It

    From the start, it’s important to be transparent with yourself and fellow attendees about what you are willing to save and splurge on. Creating a strict budget allows you to hold yourself accountable, and means you won’t feel pressured into spending more than you’re comfortable with (and can afford!)

    2. Plan, Plan, Plan

    Setting a firm plan early on for airfare, hotels, rentals, etc. allows you to not be surprised and unprepared for these vacation costs. Create a plan of when you will eat in or go out as well as attractions and experiences you will do each day. This is an easy way to know exactly what you need to save for.

    3. Create a Vacation Savings Fund

    Using the Monifi app, users can create savings “buckets.” Earn interest on these personalized buckets to help you reach your financial goals faster. Stats show that about 86% of people plan to pay for vacations, though 35% don’t save for it. No more dipping into other accounts or racking up credit card charges.

    4. Recognize Potential Splurges

    Statistics show that 68% of people overspend when on vacation. Identifying potential splurges like an expensive dinner, Uber rides, a coveted experience, etc. before your vacation will set you up for success. Having a savings net to lean back on is always a good idea – especially for last-minute opportunities.

    5. Get a Part-Time Job or Side Hustle

    Find a part-time job or side hustle to add a few hundred dollars into your bank account each month. Whether that’s nannying a few days a week, selling your unworn clothes online, dog walking, and everything in between. These small side gigs help you to not break the bank while saving.

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    68% Of People Oversp…

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