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    Adult-Only Flights — What Do We Think?

    Adult-Only Flights — What Do We Think?

    Screaming babies and kicking seats may just become a thing of the past.

    PhotoAiD has been hard at work conducting a study that would cover the Americans’ impressions around the sensitive subject of adult-only flights. They’ve surveyed 1,000-plus Americans to find out if the idea sounds like something they’d support, if it’s a luxury they’d spend their money on, as well as talk about other aspects of this concept.

    Key Highlights

    • 89% of the idea’s proponents still advocate for child-free flights, even after realizing it’d lead to more CO2 emissions.
    • As much as children can be a nuisance to some, 60% of flyers would rather be seated with a misbehaving child than a rude adult.
    • Of 18% of Americans who previously indicated they were against adult-only flights, 69% are perfectly fine with child-free seating zones.

    Read full study HERE.

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    Adult-Only Flights …

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