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    America’s 10 Most Instagrammable Backdrops

    America’s 10 Most Instagrammable Backdrops

    Looking for some fresh inspiration on where to take your Instagram snaps? New research has revealed the most Instagrammable backgrounds in the U.S.

    The research, conducted by the online art gallery, Singulart, looked at a variety of locations around America, based on artistic spots and famous landmarks, to find which ones are home to the best places for a photoshoot.

    Looking at artistic spots around the U.S., the research found that the best place for Instagram photos is actually the Hollywood Sign in LA. With 9,243 posts in the past year, people take advantage and snap their photos in front of the infamous sign.

    Following on from that, Mount Rushmore was named as the second most popular place, with the Beverley Hills Hotel following in a close second.

    The Top 5 Most Instagrammable Art Spots

    1. Hollywood Sign (9,243 posts)

    One of the most iconic signs in history, the Hollywood signs placed upon the rolling hills looking down over Los Angeles, was found to be the most Instagrammable backdrop in the US. With people mainly getting their snaps from the Hollywood Reservoir, Beachwood Canyon, or the Griffith Observatory.

    2. Mount Rushmore (5,488 posts)

    The presidential memorial sculpture, Mount Rushmore, in the Black Hills region of South Dakota was found to be the second more Instagrammable.

    3. The Beverly Hills Hotel, LA (3,942)

    One of the world’s best-known hotels, which is closely related to some of Hollywood’s most popular celebrities, The Beverly Hills hotel was found to be another perfect Instagrammable backdrop in the U.S. The ultimate Instagram backdrop here comes from the signature pink and green exterior walls and the infamous “The Beverly Hills Hotel” sign.

    4. Seven Magic Mountains, Las Vegas (3,022 posts)

    This desert art installation in Las Vegas is the perfect backdrop to any photo, comprised of seven towers of colorful boulders standing more than 30 feet high.

    5. The Pink Wall, LA (2,963 posts)

    One of the exterior walls of the Paul Smith store in LA, the Pink Wall is one of the most sought-after Instagram backgrounds. So much so that only amateur influencers are allowed to snap photos here, with guards monitoring the car park to stop any professional photoshoots from taking place.

    In terms of America’s landmarks, the research found the most Instagrammable backdrop to be Brooklyn Bridge in New York, having had 35,980 posts in 2021. The infamous Golden Gate Bridge and Union Station came in 2nd and 3rd place, respectively.

    The Top 5 Most Instagrammable Landmarks

    1. Brooklyn Bridge, New York (35,980 posts)

    Built in 1883, Brooklyn Bridge became the first roadway to connect Brooklyn and Manhattan and at the time of its completion was the world’s longest suspension bridge. For the most Instagram-worthy shot of the bridge, head to the waterfront in DUMBO, at the intersection of Washington Street and Water Street.

    2. Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco (23,557 posts)

    Golden Gate Bridge is one of San Francisco’s most popular spots, attracting 10 million people every year. To get the best shots for your Instagram, try heading to Baker Beach or Fort Point National Historic Site.

    3. Union Station, Denver (11,785)

    Union Station, other known as LoDo, is a downtown neighborhood known for its trendy shopping and dining scene. With string lights illuminating Larimer Square, there are plenty of opportunities for the Instagram perfect shot.

    4. The Space Needle, Seattle (7,120 posts)

    The iconic 605-feet tall spire at the center of Seattle offers panoramic views of the city – the perfect backdrop for your photos.

    5. Top of The Rock, New York (6,446 posts)

    One of the most popular spots to view New York’s infamous skyline, the top of the Rockefeller is another Instagram-worthy spot to get your photos while in New York.

    Commenting on the study, Marion Sailhen, Creative Lead at SINGULART says,

    “As many of us look to seek out some of the most aesthetically-pleasing places for our Instagram feeds, we wanted to conduct research to find out which are the top spots. From pink walls to famous hotels, to some of the most iconic landmarks in the U.S., there are plenty of places around the country to snap the perfect Instagram picture.”

    “We hope that those looking for new places to get their Instagram snaps find some inspiration from the research!”.

    More on the study can be found HERE.


    The study pulled locations around the UK from articles that had listed Instagrammable spots around the UK. Their Instagram data from February 3rd 202 –  February 4th 2022 was pulled through Instagram data from Linkfluence, looking at the number of posts that mention the location and relevant hashtags over the last year, to determine where the most Instagrammable backgrounds are.

    Search data for “Instagrammable Spots” correct as of 02/22/22, taken from HERE.

    About Singulart

    Founded in 2017 in Paris, Singulart is the largest online contemporary art gallery in the world. The company led by Véra Kempf and Brice Lecompte, accompanied by investor Denis Fayolle since its inception, has significantly contributed to the growth of the online contemporary art market. Singulart’s mission is to successfully promote artists and inspire art lovers. Since its launch, the scale-up has discovered many emerging artists and today accompanies established artists in their international careers. In November 2021, the company announced the most successful fundraising of an art company to date with €60 million for their series B. Monthly more than 2.2 million visitors discover a personalized selection of paintings, sculptures, photographs, and other works of art from over 10,000 contemporary artists. Singulart offers art lovers the opportunity to feed their passion with the assistance of a team of 120 people speaking more than 26 languages.

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