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    Comuna 13 – A Mysterious District With A Special History

    Comuna 13 – A Mysterious District With A Special History

    Medellín is a very special city in Colombia.

    It’s uniqueness begins with the fact that it is called the industrial capital of the country. Also, Medellín has many metaphors: “Capital of Orchids”, “Capital of the Mountains”, “City of Eternal Spring”, “City of Flowers” and others. But many tourists come to this city to visit one special district – Comuna 13.

    This area is an example of the incredible transformation from one of the most dangerous places in the world to one of the most visited areas by tourists.  How could this happen?  How did a place that was a center of drug dealing, poverty, and crime at the end of the 20th century become a famous location for art and graffiti?

    Tourists are told about this on the Comuna 13 tour.  Many secrets and mysteries are hidden from the Internet, but locals can tell you the specifics of the area’s transformation.

    Comuna 13 feature

    The area is now home to about 130,000 people.  Thousands of tourists come here every day to enjoy the graphic art.  But only the brave tourists are willing to come to Comuna 13, because even the locals don’t drive into the area.  Cab drivers refuse to take tourists here because crime and gangsters remain a feature of this part of Medellín to the end.

    The criminal reputation of the most dangerous district in the world emerged here during the time of Pablo Escobar.  It was in Comuna 13 that his gang ruled, so murder, drug trafficking and danger became synonymous with the word “Medellín.”  Things began to change in 2002 when the authorities conducted a large-scale armed operation on the territory of Comuna 13. After the suspension of the criminal mastermind, the neighborhood began to evolve toward art.  Murals, graffiti, street musicians, and dancers are what draw tourists to Comuna 13 today.

    Although the smell of death and crime hasn’t completely left the neighborhood, the bravest tourists constantly visit the place.

    Graffiti Tour

    One of the most popular art forms in Comuna 13 is graffiti.  Today, they even organize special tours for tourists to see the most prominent drawings on the walls in the area.  The most extensive graffiti is concentrated on two streets: Las Independencias and 20 de Julio.  In addition to unforgettable graffiti sights, tourists can see performances by famous Medellín street musicians and visit art exhibitions here. You can also talk to the locals, who will tell the hidden history of Comuna 13. We should also mention the beauty of this area: it is located on a hill, so it offers an unforgettable view of the city.

    Therefore, a tour to Comuna 13 will be remembered by every tourist for a lifetime.  The place is not absolutely safe, but if you walk with a tour guide only allowed streets, the risks go to 0. And the courage of tourists always gets a reward: great memories and unforgettable impressions.

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