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    Feeling Taxed? Orbitz Is Matching Travel Taxes and Fees On April 15

    Feeling Taxed? Orbitz Is Matching Travel Taxes and Fees On April 15

    Earn a loyalty program bonus equivalent to taxes and fees paid at booking; Travelers can save as much as 15 to 25 percent in certain destinations.

    Whether you’re banking on a refund or preparing to pay up, one thing is certain: the 2018 tax season has been, well, taxing. In a recent online survey, 70 percent of respondents said they believe their tax return will be negatively impacted by tax law changes, and one in three say they’re feeling more anxious about their refund this year as a result.

    That’s why travel site Orbitz is matching taxes and fees on hotels or flight + hotel vacation packages booked at on April 15. Travelers will receive Orbucks – travel dollars equivalent to $1 USD – for the amount they paid in taxes and fees at checkout, saving up to 25 percent.

    “This tax season has been a tough one, with nearly 20 percent of taxpayers telling us they don’t expect to see a refund at all this year due to tax reform changes,” said Carey Malloy, director of brand and marketing at Orbitz brand. “Travel plans can be one of the first expenditures cut when people start to feel the pinch, so we’re hoping to help people unwind from the stress of the season and still knock something off their bucket list.”

    Top Taxed Destinations

    Airline and hotel occupancy taxes and fees can run as high as 15 to 25 percent depending on the destination. To help taxpayers earn the greatest rewards bonus, Orbitz recommends booking packages to destinations with the highest taxes. International island hot spots in the British Virgin Islands and countries and cities in southeast Asia – India, Thailand, Singapore, Bali – have some of the highest overseas travel taxes. The Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Turks, and Caicos have the highest taxes and fees of any destination on

    That Filing Feeling

    Taxpayers are split into their strategies for dealing with tax season. Half of 18- to 24-year-olds (48 percent) said they still call their parents for advice before filing their return. Fifty percent of respondents report feeling so overwhelmed that they hire a tax professional to do it for them. And when faced with the decision between taxes or dentist, nearly half of taxpayers (47 percent) would rather get a tooth filled than file a return.

    Tax Refund Real Talk

    Taxpayers are taking their refunds to the bank this year. The majority of respondents said they plan to pay off debt or put their refund into savings (47 percent). At the same time, 18 percent said they expect to pay up due to tax reform changes this year. Just one-third of taxpayers said they were aware of the tax law changes, with 72 percent saying they heard about the changes via online news articles.

    How to Relax with your Orbucks

    Visit on April 15 and join Orbitz Rewards or log into an existing account. Anyone that books a hotel or flight + hotel package will receive Orbucks equivalent to the amount they paid in taxes and fees at the time of booking. The bonus will be credited within 48 hours and can be used toward a future hotel stay on the site. Frequent fliers are encouraged to add and save their airline reward miles accounts to double dip on points for all package bookings.

    For more information about Orbitz, the Orbitz Rewards program and how to get #rewarded on Tax Day, visit

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