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    Most Beautiful Places To See On A Quick Visit To The US

    Most Beautiful Places To See On A Quick Visit To The US

    The US is a vast and diverse country. And you certainly need more than a quick visit to have a comprehensive taste of the American experience.

    Nevertheless, if you are in God’s Own Country on a quick getaway, you can still experience some of the myriads of attractions in the country.

    Below are some of the places you shouldn’t miss when you are in America—even if it’s only for a short visit.

    Disney World, Florida

    The Walt Disney World Resort covers 25,000 acres of land. It is comprised of several theme parks, water parks, resort hotels, Disney hotels, golf courses, and a camping resort. Each of the parks and hotels provide a wide range of unique attractions and experiences for visitors. If you’re lucky to be here during one of the numerous annual festivals and special events, you’ll meet with diverse people from different parts of the country and the world at large who have come to enjoy the occasion.

    Beyond the parks, the 18-hole golf courses provide the sort of outdoor recreation that you can hardly find elsewhere in the world. Visitors to Disney World have shared catchy tales of their unique and immersive experiences at the place. And you would be missing out if you’re in Florida, on a spousal visa with your partner, without stopping by.

    The Grand Canyon, Arizona

    Two billion years of geological history are left behind for geologists to unravel in the form of the Grand Canyon. But this famous site is not only important for earth scientists—it is equally fascinating for the over five million visitors who troop from far and wide annually to have more than a glimpse of this spellbinding natural art. Try not to get awestruck by the spectacle of the intercalating sediments and rock formations because those are just the tip of the iceberg. If the large swathes of gorges, rifts, ridges, and the numerous storied caves embedded in the Grand Canyon don’t fascinate you, their intricate arrangements certainly will.

    Spanning 297m long and 18m across, you may not be able to inspect every bit of its 5,000km² areas. However, if you’re a keen collector, there’s no limit to the fossil souvenirs you could return home with. A side attraction is a local bar where you can sample local foods and meet with fellow tourists to share and relive your experiences.

    The Badlands, South Dakota

    Attracting a million visitors yearly, the Badlands National Park is one of the leading tourist attractions in the United States. And if you’re a fan of the outdoors, you’ll relish an experience here. The large stretch of land provides ample opportunities for hikers, wildlife adventurers, and fossil collectors to explore. Millions of years of multiple intricate and complex geologic processes have given rise to the rugged landscape that has attracted several hundreds of tourists from across the world over the decades.

    However, despite its rocky terrain, you can still take a drive through it, taking in the scenic view of the geological structures and diverse wildlife.

    The American Museum of Natural History, New York

    The American Museum of Natural History was opened to the public in 1869 and has since become renowned globally for its exquisite scientific, cultural, and art collections. The museum serves to both entertain and educate, and these are what you get when you visit. Among the over three million historical objects that the museum houses in its 20 interconnected buildings are a vast paleontological collection, a 3D panoramic display of ocean life, and a 3D depiction of the universe for lovers of astronomy.

    Due to its diverse and extensive collections, it is impossible to check out all sections in one visit. However, you should not miss the collections for which the museum is most famous

    —the striking dinosaur fossils that allow you to go back in time from the Mesozoic Era through the Ice Age.

    Niagara Falls

    This famous tourist attraction has three falls—the American Falls and Veil Falls in New York, while the largest of the three, the Horseshoe Falls, spans the United States and Canada.

    If you’re on a trip to New York, you should take a stop at Niagara Falls because you’ll never run out of fun activities to do here. You can take a walk in the beautiful Niagara Falls State Park and get close to the falls. Moving further away from the waterfall, you might want to inspect Old Fort Niagara, the historic military post renowned for the War of 1812. The Art Park in Lewiston, close to the falls, and the now-abandoned Schoellkopf Power Station are other places that might interest you.

    It does not end there; while at Niagara, you get to explore the Niagara Gorge Trails and the Cave of the Winds. The Seneca Niagara Resort and Casino is also present and if you’re in luck, you could return home richer than you came. Want to experience some of these wonderful places in the US? Simply reach out to an immigration lawyer today to fast-track your visa processing and make your desires a reality.

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