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    New Study Reveals Top Destinations for Summer Vacation in 2024

    New Study Reveals Top Destinations for Summer Vacation in 2024

    The team at Cloudwards analyzed Google search data and keywords related to hotels, resorts, Airbnb, weather, activities, and holidays to find the most favored global summer vacation plans.

    They identified the most popular city summer destinations worldwide, focusing on travelers’ preferences from different countries.

    Key Insights

    • London and Dubai are the preferred destinations for travelers from 10 countries each, spanning the globe from Africa and Asia to Europe and the United States.
    • Despite their starkly contrasting attractions, Cancún’s beautiful, sun-soaked beaches and vibrant nightlife, and London’s cooler weather and historical allure, stand out as equally favored international destinations among U.S. travelers.

    • Domestic summer travel presents a more affordable option for U.S. citizens. Las Vegas is way ahead of the fold as the best domestic summer vacation spot for Americans. Boston and Chicago are close behind, together taking second place.
    • Based on our analysis, South America has more balanced vacation destination preferences. Some South Americans like traveling to Tokyo and Florence, while others go to Lima, Miami, Barcelona and the cobblestone streets of Buenos Aires.

    • Dubai is a coastal city that has grown to become a tourist paradise. We found that people from India, Qatar, Mauritius, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Kuwait and the U.K. prefer traveling to Dubai for their summer vacation.
    • Europeans tend to seek close-by destinations with a rich cultural heritage, antique shops and historic sites, such as Thessaloniki, Athens, Rome, London, Cyprus and Paris. Some enjoy visiting charming cities like Seoul and Málaga, which have interesting museums, various art galleries, stunning architecture and pleasant weather.
    • Residents of Australia and New Zealand like traveling to Bali and Melbourne, respectively.

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