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    Revenge Travel: These Are The Most In-Demand Vacation Spots In The US

    Revenge Travel: These Are The Most In-Demand Vacation Spots In The US

    “Revenge travel” refers to the massive increase in searches for travel and vacations following lockdown restrictions being lifted across the US.

    Searches for “Revenge travel” are on the rise, increasing more than 1025% since last June. Needless to say after suffering the travel itch for the last year or so, people are looking to get out of town.

    New research from Next Vacay, an online platform identifying the best flight deals in real time, shows that searches for vacation destinations have dramatically increased as we embrace the comeback-cation!

    So, where are the most in-demand US destinations for revenge travel this summer?

    New Orleans Ranked #1 Destination for Domestic Revenge Travel

    Nicknamed the “big easy” New Orleans ranked the most in-demand revenge travel city with over 125% increase in demand. It’s best known for its distinctive music, round-the-clock nightlife, costume parades, festivals (most notably Mardi Gras), and Creole cuisine!

    New Orleans has a bunch of different neighborhoods, amazing food, and sights to see for all.

    The Most In-demand Domestic Destinations for Revenge Travel

    Rank, City, Increase in demand
    (% increase in search volume since June 2020)

    1. New Orleans 125%

    2.  San Francisco 89%

    3. New York City 85%

    4. Maui 83%

    5. San Diego 83%

    6. Chicago 53%

    7. Boston 50%

    8. Miami. 50%

    9. Nashville 50%

    10. Seattle 50%

    11. Big Sur 49%

    12. Kauai 46%

    13. Gulf Coast 39%

    14. Charleston 30%

    15. Glacier National Park 30%

    16. Lake Tahoe 23%

    17. Orlando 23%

    18. Grand Canyon 22%

    19. Key West 22%

    20. Yellowstone 22%

    Popular domestic destinations of New Orleans, San Francisco, New York City, Maui, and San Diego have seen a massive increase in demand over the last year. These cities have something to offer every traveler.

    The travel restrictions imposed internationally over the last year have left people clamoring for a change of scenery and a first post-covid trip that exceeds all expectations as we embrace the freedom to travel more than ever before.

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