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    The 5 European Cities Where Rent Is Under $600

    The 5 European Cities Where Rent Is Under $600

    Rental costs have slowly been increasing over the last few decades, with some cities costing more than many people can afford.

    But with 2022 just beginning it is prime time for people to make their yearly plans and think about the possibility of switching up their property, but what if moving abroad was the cheapest option?

    New research by CIA Landlord has revealed the cheapest cities to rent, and buy within Europe by analyzing various metrics across 38 European countries and the UK doesn’t make the cut.

    The 5 European cities where rent is under $600

    Sarajevo- capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina- £224.86 per month

    Athens- capital of Greece– £362.62 per month

    Zagreb- capital of Croatia- £411.86 per month

    Ljubljana- capital of Slovenia- £547.15 per month

    Budapest- capital of Hungary- £356.25 per month

    You can find the full research HERE.

    The Global Price of Personal Space

    It’s no secret that property prices in first-world countries have been on a steep increase over the past decade, but which cities sees residents pay the most per square metre for their piece of personal space?

    A new study by CIA Landlord Insurance set out to index property prices for both renters and buyers in capital cities across the globe in an effort to find out where people pay the most for what they call home.

    Monaco Is the Most Expensive Capital for Renters

    Individuals living in Monaco are known for lavish lifestyles with expensive goods and fast cars. Their real estate isn’t any different – those renting a condo in Monaco city centre can expect to pay an average of £2,973.12 for a one-bedroom flat. This comes down to £59.46 per square metre per month, as opposed to a whopping £62,860.27 per square metre for those looking to buy a home in the city.

    Infamous for co-housing and a property market that seems out of control is the capital of Great Britain. In London, a one-bed flat can cost an average of £1,685.32, or £33.71 per m2 for those renting. The lucky ones with deep pockets in the market to buy a London home however pay an average of £12,189.00 per square metre for a plot of personal space in the city, or £6,058.57 per square metre further out.

    The Land of Promise, or the land of pricey real estate? One-bedroom flats in the American capital Washington D.C. go for an average of £1,676.61 in the city centre, or £1,314.59 in the outskirts. This translates to an average price per square metre of £33.53 and £26.29 respectively.

    Monaco and Hong Kong Are the Most Expensive Capitals for Buyers

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